Buy now or in the new year? & who are zoostorm?

  ZootHornRollo 20:52 04 Nov 2006

I am looking to buy a new PC - a Mesh Xtreme or Dell 9200 or Evesham Solar or maybe a Zoostorm Edge 5.
I have never heard of Zoostorm - are they any good?

More importantly a friend of mine says to wait until after xmas when these big companies will be looking to offload loads of XP machines at knock-down prices as the world rushes to buy Vista PCs.

Is this right or just wishful thinking?

  FreeCell 10:27 05 Nov 2006

Zoomstorm are manufactured by PCnextday. See entries on this forum for all the manufactures you name as people have had problems with each of them. That said, there are hundereds of people who have no problem, but best be forewarned.

IMHO there is never a right time to buy technology. Most people are now offering a route to Vista if you buy a new PC now. The question is do you want Vista until it has been in themarket for a few months and the intial problems have been resolved? After Christmas may see some sales as demand drops in the post Christmas period, but there are some reasonable offers on now. Whenever you buy it will be out of date in a month anyway.

Good luck with your choice anyway.

  spuds 11:07 05 Nov 2006

You may not find that the conversion from XP to Vista will result in deeply price discounted computer systems. Places like PC World are already advertising 'upgrades to Vista' with some of the products they are selling now.

  Totally-braindead 12:48 05 Nov 2006

I find myself agreeing with spuds. You may find retail copies of XP selling cheaper once Vista is released but I personally think its unlikely there will be any great discounts on XP machines when Vista is released. You might find a lot of second hand PCs being sold as people buy a new PC with Vista but I don't think there will be a lot of new PCs going cheap for this reason.
Just shop about and see whats going. I'm not a great fan of PC World regarding their prices but for full systems they can be hard to beat costwise.
Whatever you buy make sure it has a PCI Express slot or at least an AGP slot. It doesn't matter if it has onboard graphics when you buy it but if it doesn't have a PCIE or AGP slot then you are stuck with the onboard graphics.
Better with a PCI Express slot as the newest cards are PCIE.

  aubrey-214096 14:07 05 Nov 2006

I purchase a Zoomstorm based purely on PC advisors review,I first ask then about upgrades the reply :"we do not currently an upgrade however if you require additional components,these can be purchased separately and our technical staff wll be happy to assist you with the installation"!!??.Ok, I went ahead an ordered a pc,waited a few days the emailed them about delivery,I was imformed due to high demand the current delivery date was ten working days,and they do not work weekends!!??.Got to the ten days (14 days in my case),no pc,emailed and was imformed the 10 days had now become 12 (16 in my case),and the pc will be delivered on the 12th day waited in all day (and all of the next day), you guessed it no it was not delivered,emailed them and although it was in office hours got no reply, perhaps it will come on the 13 day (19 in my case) !?,I nearly went to MESH

  simonpage 14:46 05 Nov 2006

I had a Dell and was going to upgrade to another Dell when i thought i'd save myself about £250 and get a Zoostorm instead. Big mistake! Having had so many problems with it and lousy help from PC Nextday i now wish i'd spent the extra £250 and got the Dell.

  simonpage 15:37 05 Nov 2006

That's your choice but don't expect it to be as robust as a more expensive brands. And don't expect the service from PC Nextday to be the same standard as big companies like Dell.

  josie mayhem 23:14 05 Nov 2006

I can't see any big discounts being offered for computers loaded with XP once vista is out, because any computer that is being sold at the moment will happerly run vista. The main issue with vista is more based on what software program is compatible with it, rather than components.

What you find it will be similar to the change over from win98 to xp, there will be a cross-over period where you will be offered which OS you want loaded, and the only price difference on spec will be that vista is going to cost a little bit more.

  Number six 22:42 06 Nov 2006

Hi Zoot, still in touch with the good Captain?

  ZootHornRollo 21:27 08 Nov 2006

He's is proving elusive - last seen wandering the Mojave muttering something about beans from Venus!

  ZootHornRollo 21:29 08 Nov 2006

Reading postings about Zoostorm has really put me off them. What about Cube - another new name to me - are they any good?

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