To buy new or build that is the question

  User-542C727C-2405-4C6A-B90945D0C735856F 09:33 15 Dec 2004

My computers on its last legs so I have decided to replace it. Ive got about £1600 to play with but I cant decide wether to buy or build. I have looked at various pre built makes but im not entirely sure what all the technical stuff means.Ive also been told that I can probably build a better system more cheaply. I play alot of games, use the internet and do the usual home computing stuff. If anyones got any suggestions it may well help me to get the right system that will last me a while and save me some money.


  TomJerry 10:02 15 Dec 2004

some offers on the net cannot be beat by DIY, check out

  TomJerry 11:20 15 Dec 2004

Matrix 64 3500+ BPC £1199 click here

Elite A550 PCI-X £1199 click here

Matrix 64 3500+ PPC £1499 click here

  simonp1 11:46 15 Dec 2004

Well personally i will be having one built for me but with selected componets ( dont really have the time to build myself ) and the charge for fitting etc is only £40.

Their are a couple of companies im looking at, but the main thing i wonted was Good componets. I find the mass production computers are fine, but dont have top quality PSC for etc.

click here

click here

click here
click here

Now really for good gaming 6800GT
AMD socket 939 3500 AMD Athlon
Abit 3rd eye MB
Antec 480watts PSU
Aluminium Case
And Top performance OCZ, crusical, Corsair

Of cause PCI seems to be the future..that should also be considered, but the GF cards currently are not that great..

The last option is to find a local shop you trust and see what they charge and can offer you..

  [email protected] 12:23 15 Dec 2004

I liked the look of your second click here seems to have what dibbly is looking for but your comment is excellent

  Starfox 13:29 15 Dec 2004

click here

click here

We all have differing views as to what makes a good gaming pc but I can certainly recommend these.

  961 13:41 15 Dec 2004

You probably can't save much by building yourself these days, but it is fun and it does teach you a lot. Also, if things go wrong you don't have to send the machine back to whoever built it

To see if you feel you want to build your own look at click here

Finally, I don't think you need to spend anything like £1600. Set yourself a top budget of £1000 and you will do fine

  bfoc 14:28 15 Dec 2004

It is very unlikely that you will save much, if anything, by building your own machine. You won't get the bulk discounts that assemblers do.

On the other hand buliding your own will teach you a lot and improve your confidence, once you have ironed out any problems.

I have done both and, for me, the choice is ususally down to how much time I have available, since I'm never one to take weeks of odd moments to put the machine together, I prefer to put it together over a day or two!

  Belatucadrus 14:41 15 Dec 2004

Having just built my first PC, all I can say is it's much more fun and rewarding than just unpacking the box.

BUT do read up on it first and make sure all components are compatible. Then read the MOBO manual properly. Going off at half cock, not advisable.

  simonp1 16:21 15 Dec 2004

kellysbouncas, thank you, and Yes Holly do seem a very good option...

As for the price of a custom PC...well yes they do cost more than a mass production PC..not only do to buying power, but your paying for top components inside your PC...for me its worth the extra. At to be honest a home custom PC like the spec's i posted above with all the HD etc will cost about £1200..fitted for you. I think that is great value, if that is what you want

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