buy laptop now or best BOXINGDAY

  ferretgirl29 22:03 11 Dec 2008

iam going to buy my lad a laptop for crimbo but he doesnt know he gettn 1 so he wont miss it do i buy 1 now or do i wait til boxing day will i get a better deal on boxing day eg currys comet dixons but i would like it no later than boxing day so wil i get a better deal on boxing day or not thanks. my budget not big £300

  tullie 22:33 11 Dec 2008

No idea,sorry

  spuds 22:42 11 Dec 2008

The way things are going at present with sales and special deals, Boxing day isn't going to make much difference. Buying about now and up to Christmas, will give you the benefit and option to perhaps try out the laptop, so you are going to be sure that everything is working fine on the day of the surprise.

You should be able to get something for the £300 mark, and a look at Ebuyer or similar on-line dealer might give you some idea as to what is available. Do not buy secondhand, because that could result in a rather expensive battery and no warranty for the main product.

  chub_tor 22:46 11 Dec 2008

It's a 50/50 call and depends on how well sales are going. Personally I would go for getting him a laptop before Christmas and let him have the pleasure of opening it on the day. If you don't you run the risk that there will be a shortage of models in your price range on Boxing Day. Don't knock places like Tesco they have some great bargains at the moment.

  PoppABear 22:49 11 Dec 2008

having worked in retail for the last 27 years in major retail operations,theres no true sales as such.IE 50% off is still 25% gross profit.
The offers are genereally pre bought and offered at the higher price in 10 % of the stores then shown as a sale reduction.Further reductions are already budgeted in terms of buying margin.Ive witnessed it many times this xmas season as alaways.Even woolys closing down sale,as good as it seems is still operating at over cost.

  ferretgirl29 22:51 11 Dec 2008

iam not knocking tescos just cos a didnt mention it i like tescos he got other main presents for crimbo

  spuds 11:08 12 Dec 2008

I don't think anyone was suggesting that you was being selective with your choice of retailer. One thing that is possibly worthy of noting, is places like major supermarkets do not have their own 'tech' guys or repair facilities,and in the main really on third party assistance. They may well suggest that you contact the manufacturer in the first instant of any problems or queries.

I know two people who purchased 'special buy' Acers laptops from Tesco, and they are well satisfied with the product, even though one person went through "you will have to contact the manufacturer" routine on a small problem that occurred.

  jolorna 14:42 12 Dec 2008

i have noticed with pc world in the past they have actually raised the price's for boxing day sales

  ferretgirl29 19:33 12 Dec 2008

ok thanks people i only ask cos you always hear of the big boxing day sale well so they say

spuds what was the special buy acer laptops from tescos thanks.

lokks like mybe i will just get the first 1 that catches my eye then.

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