Business Venture? Beaufort iTrading.

  rickf 17:29 13 May 2003

Has anyone heard of or had dealings or experience of the above business opportunity?

  spuds 18:36 13 May 2003

Not to sure now, but I us to get a number of mail shots from a similar sounding company.Never took the offers up though.

  rickf 18:55 13 May 2003

Thanks. Its just that they are very convincing in coming across as a legit coc Click here
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:33 13 May 2003

I notice that the *ahem*, *ahem* 'Beaufort Millionaires' and all the other 'satisfied' customers seem to have forgotten to put their URLs up so one can have a butchers. Slightly odd considering there is a lot o'waffle about teh 4 websites etc.

May I quote....'We've always been opposed to "people-recruitment-chains' and in the same paragraph.... 'Members are paid £25 for every person referred to us who becomes a Member'..what the......?

'We are told that our mailings are received in the USA faster than orders mailed within the USA', yeah, right!

'I am very interested in your proposition, but remain sceptical about your scheme, testimonials and claims, and wish to verify them first. Therefore, can you give me the name and phone number of someone who has tried your plan and succeeded with it who I can contact for verification ? (NOTE: a common insult, usually sent in without a name or by anonymous email by one of life's "losers" demonstrating the little green man of envy'...hmmmmm, superb customer relations and apparently a bit of a sore point.

'If your customer returns a faulty system to you under your warranty, you will make money in that situation, not lose it - this "Trade secret" is fully explained'.....and I can yodel and paint the Mona Lisa whilst doing a pole-vault. This indeed rivals the contents of the Ark of the Covenant (© Holy Spirit, 25BC)

'There are NO on-going costs at all'...and later...'you may decide to join our exclusive 'Traders Group' at a small annual subscription of just £25'....anyone see a pattern?

My heart allso sinks when the first words I read are 'Dear Entreprneur'.

I could go on and on but this is too easy a target. ;-))) I remain deeply unconvinced.

yours sceptically and larfin' my socks off.


  Forum Editor 23:01 13 May 2003


My experience of business opportunities (which goes back a decade or four) is that successful businesses keep the trade for themselves - they don't go touting for others to come and dip their bread in the gravy. It's as simple as that.

If I become a millionaire because I have a brilliant business plan:

1. I keep it to myself - so I can make another million or two.

2. I certainly don't need to go to the trouble of writing thousands of words on a Web site, so people will send me "a modest £90". I would be dividing my time between making that second million and spending the first one.

I suggest that you let the world take a turn before investing in this scheme, you might do better to put £90 on the number four dog (or any other dog) in the first race at Walthamstow next Week.

  Belatucadrus 23:10 13 May 2003

click here if the link works the red ring indicates the home of Beaufort IT Trading Group UK, it looks rather like a housing estate to me. Keep the £90.

  -pops- 06:55 14 May 2003

This is almost as funny as the Nigerian scam, sorry rickf.

I've already nearly fallen of my chair laughing this morning from this click here


  -pops- 08:46 14 May 2003

Re-reading the top page of this shows "Charles Brown former Business Partner to inventor Clive Sinclair" is a member of this concern.

As clever an inventor as Clive Sinclair is, his business acumen approaches zero as may be illustrated by the number of Sinclair products that have stayed on the market for more than a few months or that have been laughed off the market place altogether (remember the C5?). Was it this same Charles Brown who was advising Sinclair at the time? If so, I don't hold much faith in any recommendations he makes.

Why is is also that many (but not all) of the companies in the "unsolicited testimonials" are either unknown to Google or, only have a single reference that leads back to Beaufort? The ones I have checked that Google does locate are not in the let's say, top league or even very much far from the bottom.

Definite whiff of something about all this and it ain't Chanel No 5.

If I am wrong, perhaps someone from Beaufort or, better, one of their "clients" could come here and explain. After all, if they are pukka, it can do them nothing but good.


  rickf 11:26 14 May 2003

I am sceptical which is why I have posted it here.

  -pops- 11:38 14 May 2003

Sorry, rickf, I didn't mean to imply you were anything other than sceptical. It's good to have two good laughs a day!!


  rickf 15:24 14 May 2003

No offence taken. One of the main reasons people post here is to have second opinions and also to forewarn others about a particular offer or co.that seems dubious. It seems to me that these sentiments have often been ignored by some contributors on this site. In other words some people are made to feel stupid when the posting is done in good faith. A few contributors consistently respond in a way that seems to ridicule, not particularly yours.

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