Bullguard Security

  Pine Man 15:39 13 Mar 2007

I got a new PC about a week ago with Bullguard Security pre-installed.

Today, when I opened Windows Mail, a big notice popped up on the screen warning me that a suspect 'Phishing' attack had taken place and the offending mail had been sent to my Junk Mail folder.

Curiosity being what it is I couldn't resist opening the email and it was a news letter from............Bullguard!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuff said.

  keef66 16:49 13 Mar 2007


  phoenix198 18:17 13 Mar 2007


But perversely one could argue that this is a 'good thing': if the phishing detection algorithms in Bullguard Security are so 'pure' (ie uncorrupted) as to (mis)identify an e-mail from the parent company as phishing, then perhaps this provides a better level of protection against phishing, spam and malware than, say, Windows Live OneCare which (alledgedly?) has built-in holes for certain of Microsoft's marketing partners.

Just a thought ...

  Pine Man 18:20 13 Mar 2007

Very charitable!

  phoenix198 18:39 13 Mar 2007

Not sure I was being charitable, more advancing an argument that says 'better to have some false positives than to (intentionally) leave doors open'.

That said, false positives don't exactly commend an Internet Security program to me either!

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