BULLGUARD licence key

  iqs 20:58 03 May 2007

Hi I have BULLGUARD 7 installed which expires in 82 days.
To obtain a 12 month subscription from BULLGUARD will cost £35,to purchase from AMAZON about £18(boxed ver).

On ebay there are sellers just selling 12 month activation licence keys for about £8.Is this the better option?.Your thoughts please.

I must quickly add ,I am aware there are free version available,I was using Zone Alarm and AVG free,but I am so impressed with BULLGUARD.

Thank you.Kind regards,IQS

  Input Overload 22:38 03 May 2007

Usually when you renew a licence you get it at a greatly reduced price, are you sure £35 is the renewal price as that seems steep.

  Input Overload 22:52 03 May 2007

Renewal is also 3 months away, why not wait until a week or so before renewal?

  iqs 09:44 04 May 2007

Input Overload,and thanks for your reply.Yes £35 is the correct price,and I agree its rather steep.

The ads on ebay seem like the best option,but how can a seller obtain these licence keys?.Does BULLGUARD know?.

I was planing on waiting until my current free subscription had about 1 or 2 weeks left before purchasing the new licence.

Thank you again for your help.Cheers

  pk46 19:22 04 May 2007

Matter of interest iqs do you find Bullguard slows your computer down?? it did that to me.
I also found that it caused the computer to hang on Vista as you never new when it was updating.

  iqs 20:21 04 May 2007


As far as I know,BULLGUARD is not causing my PC to run slow,but I am running XP not VISTA.It is using over 70mb according to task manager,but I have 2G of ram.
The main reason for using BULLGUARD is because it does not affect download speeds.Running Zone Alarm would cost me about 150 kbps.I am with VIRGIN 10mb,with BULLGUARD I can achieve speeds up to 1.20mb,ZA about 850-900kbps.


  pk46 19:47 06 May 2007

Many thanks for that,sorry for imposing on your thread but i haven't read anyone comment on Bullguard before.
Again sorry for going off track.

  setecio 23:30 06 May 2007

What is the feedback like for the ebay sellers, have they been there along time and is their feedback good? I'm always wary of buying things like licence keys on ebay, suspicious that they are dodgey and I won't find out for 3 months and the seller is long gone.

  Pine Man 08:59 07 May 2007

You would be wasting your money buying a boxed version. You dont need a fancy box and a CD.

All you need is a licence key, which gives you 12 months cover and access to all the updates and definitions.

When I started using Bullguard I downloaded a free trial, which was the full version and then got a licence key to extend the trial by 12 months.

For those that are interested I am running Vista HP and Bullguard makes no difference whatsoever to boot times. I have actually tried it both with and without Bullguard and it is always round about 45 seconds.

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