Bulldog Pipex Homecall Billing Problems

  susylu 12:15 23 Sep 2008

I have received two letters from Pipex Homecall credit control pressing me for payment of a sum of money that I do not owe them.
I am most disappointed with the lack of customer care, and utter disorganisation,which is quite apparent from all of the postings around the internet, from irate,angry and frustrated Bulldog/Pipex Homecall migration customers who seem to be in similar circumstances to myself and suffering problems with the cancellation of their accounts during the migration of their accounts from Bulldog ltd who was our ISP and telephone provider to Pipex Homecall,which was taking over in July 2008.The communication regarding this takeover has not been very good and we have all been really left in the dark about this.
I opted for an 8 day cancellation of my broadband and telephone package when I telephoned to cancel on 7th August , and I was told that my account would be cancelled by 15th August at the latest. However this did not occur on 15th August and dispite many more calls to the cancellation line I was told that for some unknown reason the cancellation was being rejected by Billing each time they placed it..
On 18th August the line was still active and after telephoning the cancellation line once again, I was then told to telephone 08717027777,where I spoke to a lady called Judith in Billing who told me that I had not yet been migrated and that no Bulldog customers were being allowed to be cancelled until migration was completed.But I would not be charged after 15th August.
I am no longer a customer and should have been cancelled and released from all of their services by 15th August 2008.And there should have been notes placed on their system from my numerous communications by telephone at National rate which verifies this.But my line was not deactivated until around 14th September but I am still being told as at 23rd September that cancellation is only just being processed.

I take great exception to the letters that are arriving now, harassing me for payments for which I do not owe.
I have calculated that in fact they owe me an amount of £11.36

I have heard that some customers who do not owe payment are receiving visits from Debt collection agencies after the second letter from credit control which could in effect tarnish an otherwise blemish free record which in my 52 years I haven’t owed anyone a bean

  spuds 18:25 23 Sep 2008

Seek help and advice from one or all of these
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Bulldog/Pipex are now owned by Tiscali. CarPhone Warehouse (Talk Talk) as recommenced negotiations with Tiscali about a possible buy-out.

  susylu 19:45 23 Sep 2008

Thanks I was going to go with CISA but cannot do this until I recieve a deadlock letter from Pipex Homecall,who are being deliberately obstructive and still saying that I am to ring the cancellations team as I have not been cancelled.Cisas will not let me go through them without a deadlock letter Or wait until 3 months have passed.In which time I will most probably have recieved Debt Collectors.I don't know whether to wait or make a claim in the small claims court.

  infons 01:48 15 Dec 2008

Hi Susylu, I found your post searching the net via Google and I am having the same issues with Pipex you are experiencing. I am still awaiting a reply to the letter I sent, but please let people know how you get on and I will do the same.

Basically my issue is the same. One letter of communication about the changeover. I rang and requested that my account was cancelled. Got the same story that until August 1st no accounts could be cancelled. Numerous call then told my account had been cancelled and was told to cancel my Direct Debit.

Then the letters demanding payment arrived, more calls and still no resolution. Pipex claim my account has been cancelled but I am still receiving bills as of December. I have paid the amount they claim is outstanding just to get them and the debt collectors off my back.

At the moment I am in email correspondence with customer care trying to sort out Pipex's mess. If I am unable to get a resolution I intend to take it all the way to the ombudsman.

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