Bulldog Driving me BARKING mad!!!

  ajm 17:35 28 Apr 2005

I have been with their 2MB service for over 1.5 years without any problems. A few days ago, I received their marketing email stating that they have an offer till the end of April on their [email protected] service which gives 4MB BB. This is the same price I am currently paying for my 2MB. A few emails to their support and customer service dept resulted in no replies. Phoning them on their Support and Customer Service number resulted in a message saying that calls cannot be answered due to high volume of call and should try later.

However, calls to their SALES line is picked up within a couple of rings. As soon as I explain my situations, the person on the end of the line says he/she will transfer me to the relevant dept and I am back to square one as described above.

Sales dept have on a couple of occassions abrubtly disconnected the line and are extremely unhelpful.

Looks like I will have to stay with the 2MB for now. Bark Bark to Bulldog..Wake up Bulldog: You will loose customers!!!

  oresome 17:56 28 Apr 2005

Looks like the sales people only get commission for gaining new customers. Once you explain that you are an existing customer wishing to upgrade, they quickly loose interest (and potential commission}.

Do you wish to trade with a company like this? Your choice.

  sunny staines 20:21 28 Apr 2005

I have bulldog got free upgade to 8meg but had it reduced as the line became unstable. they bill me by email but never take money on the debit. billing do not answer email or the phone, customer services tell me not to worry.
I think bulldog are having problems of some sort, but having just moved my current bank account to lloydstsb with 4% interest on my balance i am making extra interest while they sort themselves out.

  961 20:39 28 Apr 2005

Lots of info re bulldog at click here

What period contract are you locked into?

  anchor 09:26 29 Apr 2005

Try writing to the CEO at their head office:

Bulldog Broadband
26 Red Lion Square

If that fails, you could consider contacting the CEO of their parent company, Cable & Wireless. The have owned them since May 2004.

  Marktoo 18:04 04 Jul 2005

After four months with Bulldog on their [email protected] package I am trying to get out. As I signed up last September and finally got connected on 9th March, I am paying £52 per month where others are paying £41 for the same service. To get the lower rate I have to disconnect for a month and sign up again.
The "Customer Service" contacts are a joke. If you can get a line, in my experience it takes 30 minutes to get through to someone who is desperate to tell you anything to get you off the line again to answer the next call.
Don't bother using the e-mail address. I have sent four and never had a reply.
Until last week it wasn't possible to check an itemised bill for my calls. They could charge me anything and I have no way of knowing if it's correct. Even their finance people couldn't access the information.
Now I am trying to cancel the contract. I sent the correct form on 16 June from my Bulldog e-mail. They claim they haven't received it. But by sheer persistence I persuaded a Customer Service person to take up my case and sent the e-mail to her which arrived safely (I didn't let her off the line until she confirmed she had it). Now there is a 30 day wait, (or possibly 20 or 10, their reps aren't sure). That also may be working days or days and they can't tell me if it will be from 16 June or when I resent the e-mail last week.

My advice is don't go there. The only up side is the broadband speed is good, but even that is unreliable. Steer clear of Bulldog!

  ajm 18:11 04 Jul 2005

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