spikeychris 20:18 12 Jun 2006

I have just switched from NTL.I have read the press release click here and feel happy with it. I have researched the latest info available on BD and feel content in my decision. Any opinions?

  bemuzed 21:49 12 Jun 2006

Some operators seem to think you build a network and that's it. I think By=ulldog found out you need a good custoemr service as well. Maybe talk-Talk are discovering the same thing. When companies eem to have one strategy to compete on price they often go bust as someone else has the same strategy and they chase each other down on price, cutting costs to support the strategy , but cannot cust ocosts fast enough. If there are cusotmer problems they think the solution is to cut price agsin etc etc.

  sunny staines 22:09 12 Jun 2006

bulldog c/s has greatly improved since watchdog. I am pleased with the service. speed has always been excellent.

  SG Atlantis® 22:34 12 Jun 2006

Ntl is no more in my house aswell.

Back from hols this weekend and am likely to sign up then. My missus favours bulldog, so that´s what we´ll be having.

  Fellsider 19:24 13 Jun 2006

So far they have failed to reply to a complaint as to why they telephoned me, despite my telephone line being registered with TPS to stop nuisance calls.
This matter is currently referred to the Information Commissioner by TPS.

i.e. Wouldn't touch them with the preverbial bargepole!

  spikeychris 19:35 14 Jun 2006

Well its arriving Friday morning. I am getting a new line/number with a promise of at least 12 meg. We shall see.

  spikeychris 13:41 21 Jun 2006

All went well with the line installation and the router was fine. Thing is ,it used the IP range of There was a firmware upgrade available but it wouldn’t work. Researching showed this a common problem. I rang BD as my outgoing email was being bounced as relaying wasn’t allowed.

Speaking to the “help desk” was enlightening. I was told that BD does not work with Outlook! It works with OE but not Outlook. What a load of pony – the SMTP/POP server work the same.

I have cancelled my account as I’m not speaking to these people any more.

Back to NTL. Thing is, they have offered me a far better deal to go back…..

  SG Atlantis® 14:42 21 Jun 2006

I went with Tiscali, it's being provisioned now and will have my kit by 3rd July. Upto 4 meg is what they're saying.

Can't wait....

Bulldog, I didn't favour and nor does many other people by the sounds of it.

  sunny staines 17:03 21 Jun 2006

bulldog works fine with outlook 2002.

  sunny staines 16:07 23 Jun 2006


bulldog outlook settings



in email settings advanced tab pop 110
smtp 25

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