Building/Doing up PC

  wednesday 13 12:58 04 Jun 2005


I am looing into either seeling my old PC or doing it up. It won't sell for much so I could do it up a bit to keep.

It could do with a new motherboard and CD drive. I've got somewhere to get the stuff but not sure what to get. ( click here )

Hope rou can help,

Wednesday 13.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:06 04 Jun 2005

it would be worth posting the spec of your old pc to see if there is anything worth keeping(including the o/s) - than tell us what you want to use your new pc for - eg extreme gaming etc.. and how much wonga you have to splash.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:14 04 Jun 2005

if you need a new motherboard and you want to future proof you are better off going for an AMD socket 939 motherboard with PCI express for the graphics card.

Intel P4 is at the end of it's life, and the new Intel dual core cpu will require a new motherboard. The AMD dual core processors will fit existing 939 motherboards with a simple BIOS update.

  wednesday 13 13:14 04 Jun 2005

I definately need a new motherboard as it only accepts the old graphics cards and first ran on win 95. Unless CD drives are plug and play, I need a new one as well but the rest is fine.

I also only want to spend about £100 on a new motherboard.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:17 04 Jun 2005

"£100 on a new motherboard" thats not a problem you can get a good one for that - what is the rest of your budget? Unless the CD is faulty it should work ok in a new setup.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:20 04 Jun 2005

ebuyer click here& Novatech click here and Komplett click here amongst others for ideas and price comparisons.

  pj123 13:28 04 Jun 2005

If it's that old you may find your case is an AT so a new motherboard may not fit as most new motherboards are now ATX. Plus, of course, your old memory may not fit either.

You might be better off looking at what are called "bundles".

For example: click here

and click on Bundles

  wednesday 13 13:33 04 Jun 2005

Which one from Maplin?

click here

  pj123 18:11 04 Jun 2005

Sorry, wednesday 13, which one what from Maplin?

Your link only gives the Maplin home page.

  wednesday 13 11:14 05 Jun 2005

Any of the products suggested

  Totally-braindead 15:02 05 Jun 2005

I had a quick look at the maplin computers and theres nothing there that I think is particularly brilliant. Have to agree with pj123 in that you'd be better of buying a barebones system as you may have problems with your power supply as pj123 has pointed out, have a look at Novatech click here

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