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  wednesday 13 19:49 22 Mar 2006

i planning out what to buy for my new pc. I would use it for some gaming and cd burning. I am looking to spend around £250 pounds and have so far managed to get a price of £254.54. I already have a power supply and case from my old pc which got messed up from improper installations and viruses (it was rubbish anyway.) Here is what I have so far:

ASUS P4800-MX SV/L SKT 478 £51.86*
JETWAY I848AS S/L SKT 478 £40.87
JETWAY N250DAG S/L/S-ATA SKT 754 £50.56
JETWAY K8M8MS S/V/L M-ATX SKT 754 £40.80

Graphics Cards:
RADEON 9550 256MB £49.48*

Intel Celeron 2000 400 FSB SKT 478 RET £54.20*

80GB UDMA133 7.2 £42.62*
(may i ask at this point, what is the difference between IDE and SATA?)

CPU Fans:
Dr Cooler SKT A rated up to 2.6GB £8.10
Copper silent SKT A up to 3.2GB £9.52*

CD Drives:
ARTEC CD writer/DVD rom combo drive £25.13*

Floppy Drives:
Floppy Disk drive cream, black or silver £6.50*

USB Devices:
4 port USB mini hub £6.24*
(may you tell me what this one does) 4 port firewire card £6.99

* = what i would choose and how i got my total.

The * added up came to the total of £254.54 (it could have been 252.54, i just slightly forgot.)

could you please tell me if this is good and wether I sould make any changes.

  wednesday 13 19:59 22 Mar 2006

missed them off the list

AMD SEMPRON 2500 retail SKT 754 £51.36
AMD SEMPRON 2600+ HTretail SKT 754 £51.36

  rmcqua 10:16 23 Mar 2006

Make sure that your old PSU output is up to the new processor, graphics card and writer.

  wednesday 13 15:01 23 Mar 2006

what is the PSU?

  Rayuk 18:34 23 Mar 2006

Power supply unit

  DrScott 19:17 23 Mar 2006

First thing, if you buy a retail CPU rather than a OEM one it will come with a fan. If you do want to buy a separate fan make sure it fits the CPU - a SKT754 fan will not fit a SKTA CPU.

Essentially SATA drives are faster than IDE (ATA) - though not always noticeably. They are also easier to fit in with smaller cables, plus there's none of this jumper switching and 'master' 'slave' malarky. Here's a 2003 article on them click here

I'd go for a sempron CPU as Celerons are just very bad CPUs - I'm not sure anyone really likes them, and they are worse than Semprons for games. If you go for a Sempron, stretch to the 2800+ (hardly any more money) - it's got double the level 2 cache (better for games)

I guess your old case has no front USB slots? A 4 port USB shouldn't really be needed for a new build, since the mobos can often take as many as 8 USB devices. To be honest the investment of a 20 - 30 in a new case would be worthwhile, since it'd be more likely to have firewire port. Then again if you don't have a camcorder or an ipod you might not use it anyway.

I notice you've not budgeted for any RAM which is a major oversight - your PC will not run without it! Also if your saving your pennies you might consider onboard VGA, though for gaming a dedicated graphics card is usally better.

Oh you've also not budgeted for an OS - windows OEM around £50, or Linux for free (though say goodbye to gaming if you go with Linux)

Finally, you seem to have been quoted a lot of money for your components. I tend to use click here who generally have cheaper components, though there delivery charge is quite expensive - around £15 - but for a whole system they are very good value.

Choose your final bits and repost, and everyone can have a look and help you tweak a bit more. A computer that plays games for under £250 is tricky but can be done - I think there was a thread here a while ago.

  DrScott 19:20 23 Mar 2006
  wednesday 13 20:19 23 Mar 2006

I have the software I need, would the ram be a PC133 with various memory sizes? will post finals later

  wednesday 13 20:53 23 Mar 2006

I found that my chosen graphics card won't run on sempron (click here) should I ignore this?

  DrScott 23:35 23 Mar 2006

For RAM get the fastest your mobo will support - for a skt754 likely to be DDR and PC3200, but don't quote me on that.

The graphics card will most probably be fine - it's the mobo that's usually the limiting factor though make sure there's and AGP slot.

A very helpful place for PC building is click here - people in the forums here are very helpful especially about specifics.

  wednesday 13 23:18 24 Mar 2006

newly added ram:
DDR-3200 512MB £33.15

ASUS A7V8X-MX S/V/L £34.94

graphics card:
RADEON 9550 256MB £49.48

AMD sempron 2800+ HT retail SKT 754 £65.79

80GIG 7.2 UDMA 150 SATA £49.76

cpu fan:
copper silent SKT A up to 3.2GB £9.52

cd drive:
ARTEC CD writer/DVD rom combo drive £25.13

floppy drive £6.50

4 port USB mini hub £6.24

and maybe:
4 port firewire card £6.99

i have checked my PSU and it supports my processor and stuff.

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