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  Paula Michelle 02:25 14 Jan 2005

I am hoping to buy a PC built to order to my specs. Can anyone recommend this firm?

click here

Or has anyone had any experiences good, bad or indifferent?


Athlon 64 3200 (939 socket)

512mb RAM on high end asus mobo (VIA K8T800)

(6 USB 2.0 and a Firewire Port On board)

Case with Silent 500w psu+120mm fan with 19.2dBA CPU Cooler!Super Quiet!

2 x 80GB SATA drives (not RAID configured)

128MB Radeon 9800 pro graphics card

16xDVD ROM with 48xCD ROM

52x32x52 CD WRITER

On board 6.1 sound (and I added two cheap speakers)

no monitor, no keyboard or mouse.

Windows XP Home orig CD and license

£728 inc VAT and delivery.

How do you rate this?


  Diodorus Siculus 08:24 14 Jan 2005

On the face of it, a little expensive I think. But I cannot suggest anyone else - I would prefer self-building.

  €dstowe 08:51 14 Jan 2005

Is there anywhere local to you that would biuld a machine to your requirements?

There are many small computer building companies around now, all anxious for your business. The best things about these people is that you get what you want, there are no hour long + waits for them to answer the phone for queries, you can get service very quickly and if the worst does come to the worst, you can take the machine to their premises and drop it on someone's foot (that last comment is not meant to be serious). You might have to pay a little more but for the improved service and overall better product, it's worth it.

  gobi 10:07 14 Jan 2005

This is what I gather from Ebuyer:

1. AMD (Winchester) Athlon 64bit 3200+ 939pin 512kb L2cache 90nm Retail Boxed Processor With 3 Year Warranty and Fan Included. 079189
2. Asus Sk8V S940 VIAk8T800 ATX Sound GIGLAN Firewire USB2.0 FSB400 SATA Retail Box 060076
3. Seagate ST380013AS 80GB 7200rpm SATA Barracuda 7200.7 - OEM 052785
4. Superflower SF-562T1-S Silver ATX Case With No Psu 064073 736
5. Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB DDR 8x AGP DVi & TV-Out - Retail Box 047511 270
6. Samsung 16x48 DVD Rom Internal IDE OEM 079231
7. LG CD-RW 52x32x52x Black Drive - Bulk 074077
8. Ebuyer 500w Power Supply Black With Dual Fans
9. Antec 120mm Case fan, with thermal control
10. Microsoft Windows Xp Home SP2 OEM -Single Pack 66489
11. OCZ Premier 512MB DDR400 PC3200 CL 2.5-3-3-7 (LIFETIME WARRANTY) (OCZ400512P)

Total = £670.27 incl VAT & delivery

Add another £20 for the higher spec case fan, and power supply you required and another £50 for labour charge (conventional assumption), this would total up to £740.

I would say the charge could be reasonable. Component price is a little bit high now especially for socket 939 mobo and memory.

  TomJerry 10:29 14 Jan 2005

(1) Why do not you get a dual-layer double format DVD writer since the price is almost the same as CD writer

(2) with the same money, you can get from Mesh Computers with a 17" monitor and DVD writer click here

You can configure to your requirement in mesh

  TomJerry 10:41 14 Jan 2005

watford electronics (savestore) click here

  Paula Michelle 11:51 14 Jan 2005

I tried Mesh first, but found this:

1. They want an extra £150+VAT for the 9800 pro card or £200+VAT for the All-in wonder 9800 pro. And you can't order without the card using the configurator.

2. I can't get the configurator to give me two 120 or 80 gig hard drives NOT raid configured. I like to use a second drive to keep all data backed up and still there if I have to re-install Windows. Maybe there is something wrong with my preferences, I don't know.

3. I don't need to rewrite dvds or even to play them. Whats my telly and dvd player for? In fact I don't need a CD ROM or a CD writer as I already have both. Again I can't configure without buying an optical drive. Ditto modem which I don't need as I am using broadband.

4. It is virtually impossible to order ONLY what you want from Mesh using the configurator.

5. I think £39+VAT is expensive for delivery and I am intrigued by the way several members of this forum swear by Mesh and advertise for them.

  wags 12:34 14 Jan 2005

Paula Michelle, I note from the link you have provided that 'PC Specialist' don't accept credit cards, which would make me slightly nervous. The spec you have provided does look pricey.

You shouldn't be 'intrigued' that some members of the forum suggest Mesh. I think it is a bit strong to suggest that they are 'advertising'as they are merely trying to assist you by coming up with more cost effective alternatives, that you may not have otherwise considered.

You could try Holly Computers, who seem to have a vast number of options for configuring a PC click here I haven't personally had dealings with them, but I believe that their systems have received good reviews.(This is not an advert for them :) )

  Paula Michelle 12:46 14 Jan 2005

I would never dream of making nasty comments about the valuable members of this forum because I need them desperately. My suggestion about advertising was meant to indicate an effect not an intention. I think that Mesh do come up a lot in conversation, but both pro and con - and since I have no experience of them I cannot comment.

I didn't notice that they do not accept credit cards. Thanks VERY much for that because if that is right then I definitely will not be shopping there and being a worrier of the worst sort you may have saved me from going grey too early.

I am going to have a look at this Holly Computers, nice to see your sense of humour :)


  Paula Michelle 13:11 14 Jan 2005

I had originally thought of going to Novatech for a barebones system:

click here

but they only do the Foxconn motherboards (an unknown factor to me), with the 754 pin Athlons, and when I asked them on the phone for a more powerful psu (because I had found out on this forum that 300watts is not really sufficient for my needs) they just refused.

What I need is a reasonably fast processor, 512mb ram, a good case with at least 350w psu and silent technology, a graphics card in the radeon 9800 pro range, and two hard drives not raid configured but as separate storage units. I need it built and tested with Windows XP home. Since optical drives are not expensive, although I have cd rom and writer drives, I don't mind if its got a cd rom and a cd writer as they would be new. And a floppy drive. I already have a 19" CTX CRT of good quality so I don't need a monitor.

I would welcome any comments or criticisms regarding my proposed configuration because I am not experienced in this respect and am always willing to learn.

I have around £700 to spend and I can't make up my mind whether I need cutting edge state of the art technology for gaming (say Athlon 64 3500 Winchester) or just reasonably fast (such as Athlon XP 3000 Barton) but I like the look of the radeon pro graphics card as everyone has a good word for it. I have noticed that the 754 pin Athlons were quickly replaced by 939 pin and cooler, quieter technology. Does that mean that these processors are inferior?

£700+ cash is a truckload of wealth for someone in my position so I cannot afford to rush it and get it wrong.

  TomJerry 13:13 14 Jan 2005

(A) many people suggest mesh because

(1) They do offer great cheap deals, for example Matrix 64 3200+ SBPC £699 click here got almost everything you want plus extra, only thing may not be your taste is one 200Gb HDD, but I am sure they are happy to swap 17" monitor (which you maynot need) for a 80GB HDD if you phone them

(2) the service from mesh is not too bad, I have a friend who has great experience with them, they even arranged to pick stuff up from his work because he cannot be at home

(3) mesh is a big player, the chance for a big player goes belly-up is much smaller than a corner shop

(4) regarding DVD writer (a) it costs very little extra (b) future software especially games may only come in DVD

Personally, all of my desktop PCs (home and some work, also some of my friends) are self-assembled. I even get my 9 years old son putted together one for himself with a little help from his 13 years sister when he cannot understand some words in 10 pages instruction came with a Shuttle SFF barbone system.

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