To build or to buy

  Cantillion 18:48 15 Apr 2003

Having just recently built my first system, I was wondering what peoples opions are regarding self build versus buying complete systems.

I decided to take the plunge more due to the greater flexibilty: I chose only the best quality components, and still saved myself a tidy sum. Of course, if anything goes wrong, it's down to me... but I'm of the opinion that I've put far more care and attention into building my own system than a one of the big PC manufacturers would ever have done. And best of all, it's truly "my" PC.

So what's the consenus?

PS. I love my Cooler Master case!

  Elrond 18:54 15 Apr 2003

I loved every minute of building my own, and its well worth it. You can save yourself a lot of money and then other times you cant. I was pricing up how much my bro would be looking at for building a system to his spec and it's actually not that much less than some retail systems. Plus you can get some good software with the retail. But then it can depend on what software you use, need and have at home ready. There's always two sides to a coin. I must say building your own is satisfying.

  Colin 19:47 15 Apr 2003

I have just built my second PC. In fairness, it probably wasn't a lot cheaper than buying new, but the satisfaction is worth it. I would recommend anyone with at least intermediate PC knowledge to do so. OK, there is no overall warranty, but despite what some people seem to experience, I've had no problems with any PC, bought or built.

  siouxah1 19:47 15 Apr 2003

Have been a self builder since the middle of 1994. Would not consider it any other way. Not that it saves me any money. It means I have to solve my own problems with help from friends but does mean that I cannot blame anyone else for any errors. I do get immediate repair service. Then of course there is the satisfaction, especially when it has all turned to worms, and finally the problem gets solved.
But it is not for everyone. One needs to be very interested to make it a viable proposition.

Regards Brian j

  Cantillion 20:31 15 Apr 2003

I guess I eventually decided upon building my own as I was constanly upgrading previous "ready built" machines. I saved a lot of money by "transplanting" key items such as the video card - and on grey areas like post and packaging!

I guess it was less the cost and more the fact that I wanted to be in complete control!

  Azzy 21:01 15 Apr 2003

I must admit that I have enjoyed making all my machines although recently I bought a "Ready made" PC, which I might add was my first after building about 5 systems myself and then upgrading them etc. At one point I did have four computers which not all were made by me but I enjoyed myself fixing them up or even rebuilding them and then selling them. Not like a business but a hobby that i was creating "excess" equipment and I can quite honestly say I made a good profit which i could spend on keeping my "Personal Computers" up to date with the recent technologies.

  bfoc 22:15 15 Apr 2003

Building a machine a few years ago was a very interesting experience. The machine has been used by 3 different people so far, with no problems I am aware of.

However this was very much a 'budget' system and I'm afraid that I have not had the confidence in my own abilities to spend over £1000, with all the responsibility being mine!

It seems too much of a risk, or am I just a pessimist?

  Cantillion 23:41 15 Apr 2003

I must admit I was a tad nervous putting in a £500 processor! But hey, it all adds to the fun...

  sghenryd 02:49 16 Apr 2003

I am the proud owner of a Self Build. Athlon 2.1 based PC. Whilst it was my first build, I did have a lot of practice when upgrading my older PC's before they were passed on to my sons.

My reasons for a self build were limited funds of between £80 - £100 per month. However, I was very lucky in the fact that each month my planned hardware purchase always seemed to be on offer. Would I do it again? With apologies to my wife - Yes.....

Now, where did I see that hyperthreaded,USB2'd,AGP eighted motherboard???

  darkjedimistress 10:09 16 Apr 2003

I find it easier to get a company who are reputable to build me a bare baseunit with case, processor and ram. I then add the bits myself which I buy independently. Saves a lot of grief and time as the main board will be all setup and its just a case of adding the hardware.

This saves me quite a bit of money and I am in control of everything that goes into the pc.

  Coaster3 20:18 16 Apr 2003

I've just built my 2nd machine. Had a very worrying few minutes when I tried to start it with memory from ebuyer which didn't work. Ordered same from Crucial which arrived following morning and all was well.

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