Budget Dell PC

  civvy 15:50 13 May 2004

I am thinking of buying a budget Dell PC. It’s for my daughter and I really want to keep the price around the £500-600 mark.

The PC is a Dell Dimension 4600 (P4 2.8 GHz, 512mb memory). The graphics card is a 128mb GeForce FX52000. I have also opted for a floppy drive, separate DVD and CD-RW, and 80bg hard drive. The total cost is £594 which includes vat and (free) delivery.

Does this seem good value? Is the graphics card any good? My daughter isn’t mad on games although she is eagerly awaiting SIMS 2.

Does anybody know of any other good deals at the moment from places like Staples, Office World or Makro etc. Bearing in mind £600 is the absolute top whack.


  mezzanine 16:03 13 May 2004

some good offers here... click here

  computernerdiamnot 16:07 13 May 2004

The problems with Tiny.com is you have to purchase the restore disks at a price i think of £60 odd quid.

  byfordr 16:30 13 May 2004

Thankfully Tiny/Time weren't mentioned!

The 4600 is a lot more upgradeable in the future than the 2400. Does it include a monitor?

The graphics card is nothing special, but should do the job for basic games (ensuring main memory is fully used for what it is intended)

If you have upgraded the hard drive don't bother...dell normally charge as much money as it costs to buy a hard drive of the same capacity to upgrade it. You can always add a second if you get short of space, hard drive will only come down in price (memory prices are very volatile. All in all seems a good deal, just make sure you buy before the double memory offer finishes. Failing that click here click here click here


Try the Dell outlet site I had up a machine with the same spec as yours 4600 P4 2.8 with 17" crt budget moniter plus free 5650 speakers wih sub woofer
for £456.35 but not inc delivery alas but if you keep looking more systems are added hourly you wiclick here probabally find a better spec dell cheaper

  computernerdiamnot 19:02 13 May 2004

The Link mezzanine posted was for tiny.com website. ;)

  961 19:39 13 May 2004

I think Dell produce some good value systems at the moment and the spec you suggest seem ok to me

What I would say is that you have not said what support you have purchased.

I suggest that, by and large, if the new system is going to go wrong it will do so within the first few months

So if you have considered 3 yrs on site in your pricing you may feel it worth while to settle for 1 yr on site and save a bit

  Tim1964 23:08 13 May 2004

Just checked out the Tiny.com link.

Aren't companies now supposed to show prices WITH VAT as well as without? I believe this was after complaints that PC shops/magazines were showing the prices in very large print but with the vat hidden at the bottom of the page and therefore making the PC seem better value than it was. Seems a bit naughty of TINY especially as they hype up the plain and simple approach.

  ened 06:28 14 May 2004

Only buy the Dell if you are slear you have no intention of ever upgrading

  Chronos 07:39 14 May 2004

to add my bit, go with the Dell...with some of the other names mentioned above i should make sure you check out the readers reviews first.

  byfordr 10:10 14 May 2004

I stand corrected.


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