Budget camera... help me choose.

  dagnammit 15:04 17 Sep 2009

Fuji F200 click here

Canon A2100 click here

Sony w270 click here

Olympus Mju 7010 click here

Which one?

I'm favouring the Fuji F200... but undecided.

  Roadgiant 15:36 17 Sep 2009

Have you thought about the Panasonic DMC-ZX1 as reviewed on the PCA site today?
I have the DMC-TZ3 which I am very pleased with, can't comment on the DMC-ZX! or the others you mention above.

  amonra 17:00 17 Sep 2009

None of them seem to have an optical viewfinder ?
Out-doors in bright sunlight the view-screens become useless.
Just my thoughts for what they are worth.

  dagnammit 17:12 17 Sep 2009

None have had them for a year or so now. Sony and Canon where last to drop them.... one of the reasons I stuck with Sony and Canon for P&S. Now though, as they're all the same I can't choose.

Roadgiant the Lumix is too big & clunky looking... 5 or 6 zoom is fine.

  Stuartli 10:27 18 Sep 2009

It is not a good idea to merely choose a digital camera based purely on specifications - handling and ease of use are at least equally as important.

If you go to Jessops or similar outlet, you can normally try out various cameras and, once you have made a decision, buy it at a price similar to other retailers.

Specifications are obviously of interest, but not the be all and end all; better to try several cameras out, as I said, rather than perhaps be unhappy with your choice afterwards...:-)

  jack 12:14 18 Sep 2009

Go to
click here

Always a good place to look for last weeks kit.

  Stuartli 13:04 18 Sep 2009

That's always a good place to look and one speciality with the company is/was(?) Fuji models.

However, many buyers stated that although the cameras were often described as "refurbished" they were, in fact, brand new.

Some thought that detailing them as "refurbished" would prevent upsetting those who had bought such cameras at much higher prices..:-)

  dagnammit 13:14 18 Sep 2009

Going to Jessops today as I was in PCWorld and Harvey Norman yesterday looking at their ranges.

I'm either looking at the F200 Olympus or the W290 Sony (same as the w270 but bigger screen) which is exclusive to Jessops.

Entering CAMERAS8 on their site knocks 8% off. so W290 for £183 or F200 for the same money.

  dagnammit 13:16 18 Sep 2009

Oooops it's Fuji not Olympus.

  dagnammit 14:24 25 Sep 2009

Actually only visited Jessops today and had a look. I just didn't like the Fuji F200 and went for the Sony w290 in Blue. Lovely camera producing lovely snaps! What a box of tricks!

(Was impressed with a Nikon touch screen one but at £350 was out of my price bracket.)

Decided not to use the collect at store discount (to save £16) and just gave the sales guy the sale. He was pleasant, knew his stuff and patiently allowed me to handle about 6 or 7 cameras, offering to get batteries for each of them for me to play with! He was also able to give his opinion on them all, which didn't come across like he'd read it off the box.

All this while the shop was relatively busy.

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