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  New Neophyte 10:41 14 Nov 2007

I'm about to buy a basic camera for a teenager as part of a Christmas gift. I've worked around the usual places and am a bit overwhelmed by the choice even at the £100-£150 level. It needs to be robust and reliable rather than bells and whistles and I'd like a good sized LCD screen to frame shots.

Help much appreciated.


  lisa02 11:36 14 Nov 2007

A570IS Canon.

We bought it as a gift for my mum and it's the best I have seen at around £100 £150 price bracket.

click here

I own the Canon a720IS myself - I bought it after being impressed with the A570IS which, as I said was bought as a gift for mum a couple of weeks prior to me getting mine. click here|796118766

  New Neophyte 12:23 14 Nov 2007

Thanks-seems a good option.

Anyone else got any ideas?


  Stuartli 14:11 14 Nov 2007

My best mate's just ordered the Canon A570IS for his wife's use (like me she prefers a viewfinder!) at £104, plus delivery, including some accessories; one of the offspring has the very similar A710IS and it's a cracker of a camera...:-)

  anchor 14:15 14 Nov 2007

You would find the 7.1Mp Canon A570IS very hard to beat at the price.

Canon make excellent digital cameras, and the inclusion of image stabilisation at this price point makes it a winner. The 2.5" screen is not particularly big, but it`s bright even in sunlight; (a big plus).

Read these review:

click here

or, with more details:

click here

  Stuartli 14:15 14 Nov 2007

You can buy remarkably well specified digital cameras, even with 3x optical zoom lenses, for under £100 these days.

Not sure I would rate them as all that basic - there are cameras that better fit this description from £40-£80 having, for instance, only a digital zoom rather than superior optical zoom lenses.

Trawling through the Argos web pages will bring some up.

  Stuartli 14:17 14 Nov 2007

The A570IS has a screen and a proper viewfinder...:-)

  anchor 15:31 14 Nov 2007

Stuartli: Yes, I did see that it has both an LCD and optical viewfinder; - another plus for this camera. It`s a pity that so many compact cameras seem now to omit the optical viewfinder.

I only mentioned the LCD screen, as New Neophyte specified he/she wanted good size one.

  New Neophyte 15:36 14 Nov 2007

Thanks people---unless someone has a better option I may well go for the Canon as suggested-it would seem to suit very well and at a decent price.


  45 Mart 17:22 14 Nov 2007

Not going to recommend any cameras, but a couple of points to bear in mind.
Go for as high a megapixel rating as you can afford (5 mp plus will print out nice and sharp at up to A4, so if you can get a camera with more than that, gives you scope for cropping later), and a decent OPTICAL zoom range, (some decent compacts now with 5 times optical zoom). Forget anything that just boasts about digital zoom, as digital zoom is next to worthless.

  Stuartli 10:43 16 Nov 2007

The bargains continue to emerge(!):

click here (revealed today, includes 3x optical zoom, face detection and digital shake reduction).

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