BTOW tops for complaints

  Bapou 14:33 24 Jan 2003

I'm with BTOW Anytime, 24/7. Today I read BTOW is top of the league for complaints, 1 in 1000 complain about the service.

I'm one of them, BTOW is my very first ISP, for almost ten months I have had virtually trouble free service regarding using O.Express 6. Then Saturday 18th Jan. it happened, a friend e-mailed a scanned photograph and sent it bitmap, not jpeg. (please don't ask!), 8.1 mb. If that was not bad enough that one file became 10, after receiving one I stored it and then ran AVG scan, all clear. Then phoned contact asking what he was playing and he denied sending 10, there was no way these would be received before the 2hr cutoff. I reconnected and started deleting as they arrived, no point in opening the same attachment. I received 9 and a bit before the 2hrs, reconnected and there they are like Marabunta the killer ants, the more you kill the more keep coming, all 10 waiting to get in.

This has been going on for 7 days, all conceivable solutions have been tried from Forum Editor, local professionals, even one guru in Canada. To date 5 phonecalls to Bt's helpdesk
have brought promises "don't worry sir, we'll se to it", one said he had total authority in this
situation, obviously he hasn't. E-mails, I'm told, do this do that, I reply I've done this and that,
one said phone my contact, I did, his ISP said "allow time and the files will get fed up and stop". I added a new mailbox so all other mail could get through, if any want an immediate response I have to go off line, type, reconnect and they go off before those ants start up again. Asking for the 2hr cutoff being extended to 3 hrs just once has been refused, can't allow may create a precedent!!!

Today, help is at hand, a trusted friend has offered to download via his broadband system, and BT get away with it. The phone calls I estimate will cost £30, yes a caring service.

There, it's off my chest now, at least I refrained from the language I used on the sender.

  TBH1 14:48 24 Jan 2003

can you not get onto your email just via the bt site ie, without using OE ? bThat way you can at least view your inbox and delete anything that you don't want to download. I use ntl and can get onto their home site and sign onto my mailbox via internet - - and delete any spam or large files before actually starting OE and downloading. I guess none of that makes sense does it ??? I know it doesn't solve the problem as to where all these files are coming from but at least it will mean you don't have to waste all your online time to collectin mail just to delete.

  Bapou 15:11 24 Jan 2003

It makes sense alright, but, been there,done that. Going on BTOW homepage I found my way barred, BT tell me "no access your mailbox is too full". If can't get in how am I supposed to clear them, I asked, "that's the system".

What I have been able to do in OE is have them delivered into 'Deleted' folder, and then I can empty the bin in one fell swoop.

Guess what TBH 1 ? theose ants are coming via Ntl!!

  Forum Editor 15:32 24 Jan 2003

BTOW can delete these attachments from the server for you? It isn't rocket science, and anyone who operates a POP3 mailserver should easily be able to do it.

  TBH1 15:34 24 Jan 2003

gonna look out for the little blighters !!! Think your gonna have to get in there once its empty ( after spending hours and hours downloading to OE) and set rules to send most of 'em straight to TRASH - - though this may not work as TRASH , on ntl , counts towards your over-all size. Good look mate, don't let the bar-stewards get you down !!

  Bapou 17:30 24 Jan 2003

Forum Editor, I don't doubt your word for one minute. The e-mail that referred me to the sender said " The files are trapped in Server and only the Sender's ISP can rectify".Then I receive another saying " there are large files in your system with your permission we will remove". I gave it before, I gave it again and nothing was done.

Anyway, my trusted friend has e-mailed me, "Mission accomplished - long live Broadband!". The files can be in the North Sea or Mars for all I care, it's over. Now for a few words to BTOW Customer Service, even if they couldn't care less.

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