BT Yahoo how do yer do !

  Kalb 13:34 03 Jul 2004

I'm an old BTClick/Talk21 loyal law abiding account holder, who anticipating the demise of talk21 set up a new account using BTOW. Both accounts worked fine using Outlook Express. Come the change to BT Yahoo some months back and now I cannot use my Talk21 account on OE anymore unless I pay for it !
It works OK on BT Yahoo web mail so I just grin and bear it but the BTOW account won't work at all.
BT Yahoo communicate with me via OE to tell me of their's that for nerve...but I can't use it.
How have others found this new BT Yahoo set up ?
Perhaps its time to move to another provider...any suggestions?

  walesrob 15:19 03 Jul 2004

I also had a Talk21 account, but stopped using it ages ago. Now use Yahoo mail (this is NOT BTYahoo - take note). You get 100mb of space, and as in your case, you have pop3/outlook express access as well as webmail. And its totally and utterly free. And its reliable. And its got superb spam filters and virus-cleaning. And no, I dont work for yahoo. click here

  Kalb 16:19 03 Jul 2004 wouldn't believe it !! I click on your link to Yahoo thinking I'll set myself up with this lot and BT can go run &.....there is a welcome sign saying hello with my e-mail I don't want to bother you but it looks like your Yahoo is the same as my Yahoo.
Small world.

  walesrob 16:39 03 Jul 2004

You need to SIGN-OUT of your BTYahoo first - your browser is cookied to reconize your BTYahoo account when you sign into any Yahoo related sites. So try again, signout/logoff then retry my link. It works trust me!

  Kalb 16:58 03 Jul 2004

Thanks Walesrob but I have the feeling I'm trapped inside BT Yahoo for ever.....tried your suggestion and BT Yahoo comes up with what it calls an "Intelligent landing page " have been connected to a special service area due to a connection problem......I think I'm going to try that provider with a dog...I'm not typing the name in case BT Yahoo are watching !!

  SANAP 21:06 03 Jul 2004

This is what u do. Put yahoo in google and then go to the real yahoo page and u will be able to sign for yahoo mail. I am also with BT Yahoo and I have just done it.

Good luck


  Kalb 21:42 03 Jul 2004

sanap....I did think you had cracked it for me...but alas if I go via Google to Yahoo there's that welcome waiting again with my e-mail address!
However I've managed to sneak onto the Lycos website without Yahoo noticing (or the dog !)set up yet another e-mail address from there and even managed to synchronise with Outlook Express so I can send & receive from there just as in the good old days before BT Yahoo messed up my system...thanks for all the help....I still don't comprehend why I should have to pay for a service which I originally signed up for free.Forces one to vote with a click and move on.

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