BT Upgrade conundrum !

  TTP 20:09 04 May 2007

Hi All !
Ive been on BT option 3 BB (£27 a month,upto 8meg/40Gb cap, getting 1.1meg) since Feb 2006 on an 18 month contract.
This afternoon they phone me up saying Im free to upgrade to 'home hub' and save £2 a month and get top speed 8meg and unlimited downloads !
So I ask him why I havent been getting full speed anyway ( he checked the line - its ok) and said that my router was either unable to handle 8meg speed or the router is faulty ! How does that work then ?
Have I been paying £27 per month for the last year for a service I could never have had in the first place ?
What gives ?
Can i get compensation or some sort of redress ?


  STREETWORK 20:14 04 May 2007

Never heard such rubbish from BT, or have I??

They do say 'up to 8 meg' so do not say you will get it as there are many factors that may prevent the maximum speed. but the router faulty is a good un from BT...

I would doubt you can get any compo from them on this...

  iqs 20:31 04 May 2007

probably due to your phoneline and the distance from your exchange causing your poor 1.1meg.

I had a similar problem with BT.I went through their tech dept many times.After a while I decided to sign up with VIRGIN MEDIA,so far an excellent service and speeds around 10mb.

Did the BB tech dept check your phone line or BT?.I had a fault on the line once,BT ran their test,no issues.Phoned the BB tech dept and their tests did detect a fault?.

As for compensation,I tried,was told to document all the phone calls,times,issues,who I spoke to etc etc.If you have VIRGIN in your area give them a call...Cheers

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:51 05 May 2007

Take up the offer and save £2 per month, you don't have to use the home hub.

  TTP 08:00 05 May 2007

Yeah, the bloke checked the line and said it was 8 meg capable as we are not far from the exchange. I've taken the offer anyway.Im just peeved at paying for something I could never have had, thats all !
I may take it up with them direct just to hear what they have to say .......

  setecio 09:06 05 May 2007

Has anyone who is already on BT succeeded in getting the savings that they offer to 'new' customers ?

... reward new customers at the expense of existing customers ... strange business model as even a 1st year business student is taught the importance of keeping existing customers.

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