BT Trigger Levels, do they mean anything?

  geezer13 00:08 14 Mar 2003

I live in an area with no cable or broadband due to the exchange not being upgraded.

I went through the pre-registration process and looked at the trigger level which at the time (2 years ago) was at 300, with 50 or so registered.

About 12 months ago I re-checked it and the trigger level had been reached, I presumed that BT would then upgrade the exchange and I would get Broadband. A year later and it still hasnt materialised, I phoned BT this week and they said that there were no immediate plans to upgrade my local exchange, but it will be reviewed in the future.

great, so what is the point in having the trigger level? is it to show BT that Broadband would be financially viable in an area, or simply to satisfy the governments insistence on them to provide high speed internet access to all, yet not having the capability to do this?

Perhaps BT should allow other communication companies access to the network and they could help them out?

  simonp1 08:02 14 Mar 2003

Where i live, the trigger level was reached in January, the exchange is now being upgraded and BB will now be ready for april. Its very good news for me but not for you im afraid, maybe they are very busy and are working there way round to your area. I agree very much with your point, if they cant or wont upgrade your exchange then yes other companies should be allowed to get involved.

  [email protected] 09:55 14 Mar 2003

tuff man I too live out in the sticks & I went for satellite broadband quite costly £800+ & £50 per month. Mon to Frid normal work hours slower than you would expect but good speed after those times. I am reasonably satisfied with it but their is no automatic spam filters nor is there any program which readily converts to satellite spam filtering. I need help on this one!
Interesting earlier this week Scotland are proposing to use electric sockets for internet Shame about the Gov who do not seem to have expert advisers on delivery of internet to everyone. Maybe Big Brother has not caught on yet They seem to do so in every other walk of life

  he he :-)™ 13:05 15 Mar 2003

After you rech your trigger level u need about 200 pre-orders before they hurry up and upgrade it.

  Forum Editor 13:51 15 Mar 2003

accessible to more people sooner, BT has lowered the trigger levels on a number of exchanges.

When an exchange reaches its trigger level BT carries out checks on the registration details - a lot of people have been attempting to make multiple registrations, to fool BT into thinking a true trigger level has been reached. If the data checks out (it takes two to three weeks) BT will set an 'available for service' date, which will be the first date that users can connect via their exchange.

If you're in doubt about the position with regard to your exchange why not ring BT and ask them why - if the trigger level was reached- they have no plans to upgrade. I would be interested to hear their response.

  geezer13 19:51 15 Mar 2003

I will ring them on monday morning, thanks FE!

  geezer13 22:16 15 Mar 2003

Just got off the phone to BT, the local exchange will be upgraded by 18 MAY 2003!!!!

  Forum Editor 22:56 15 Mar 2003

we'll look forward to seeing you at warp speed soon.

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