BT Total Broadbnad speed

  Thomo1 17:25 03 Nov 2006

I have just migrated from Orange to BT, the transfer took effect Tuesday.

When i shown an interest in BT TB i was told i could and should recive upto and around 6.5meg.

So i signed up for the TB option 3.

Problem is my spped upon connecting was a screen shattering 1.7meg, this has since risen to a mind boggling 1.8meg.

My friend who is 2 streets away from me and on the same exchange which is 0.5 miles away can get a constant 5.5meg connection.

Will mine evntually rise to a decent speed, iknow they say give it 10 days to find the correct spped for your line and for it to stabalise itself but a starting speed at 1.7meg is a little slow?!!!

I have "upgraded" to upto 8meg and actually lost 0.2meg from my old connection and its costing me an extra £10 a month for the privaledge!!

  spuds 17:30 03 Nov 2006

You may find that they are monitoring your speed, and the speed will increase. All behind the scenes stuff, give it time ;o).

  [email protected] 11:05 04 Nov 2006

had tb3 for about 4 months now, had a lot of problems that i wont bore you with, but the speed seems to get better by the week, you will notice a vast improvment after about 2 weeks, well i did anyway, bt engineer stated he never heard of anyone getting higher than 6mg, hope this helps.

  Thomo1 11:59 04 Nov 2006


I certainly hope it will sort it self out, i have been leaving streamed football channels on for hours on end and downloading everything in sight just to get a busy line in a bid to try and bump it up.

Not bothered if i dont get to the 6meg cap, i will be happy with 3-4 meg.

It started off well though, they contacted me to say that my line had been activated on Tuesday at 3pm, entered the details into my router and it was Wednesday lunchtime before my Internet light went from red to green!

A sign of things to come????

  wee eddie 12:12 04 Nov 2006

The speed 2 streets away is irrelevant, it's what's between you and the Exchange that matters.

The number of people downloading at the same time, as you, will affect the speed of your download. Contention Ration is, I believe, what it's called.

Do you realise that by running constant downloads, you are slowing the connection speed of others.

Why do you "need" this download speed, and if you say "Gaming", don't forget that your Up-load speed is capped so that it'll make little difference to the outcome of the download.

  spuds 12:43 04 Nov 2006

Agree with wee eddie, that 'hogging' a line isn't going to help other users, or resolve any problems, especially if there is a contention rate of the usual 50 to 1. In the past, ISP's have cancelled accounts for such activities.

  jimmybond 15:56 04 Nov 2006

I agree with spuds, what's the desperation about getting a faster speed - you seem determined to get the biggest number possible - possibly because 'the guy two streets away is 5.5Mb?'. who cares?
you're sarcastically slating a 1.8Mb speed as 'screen shattering', but there's nothing wrong with this, for everyday use.
ok compared to 5.5 it isn't as good - but then again, this figure isn't that impressive, compared to the 24Mb speeds in parts of London.
don't tell me - you're upping sticks and moving there now ;-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:08 04 Nov 2006

Why vilify Thomo1 because he/she wants to get the best speed he/she can from the BB connection? I sync at 8128Kbps and I won't be downgrading because some think it faster than I really need.

  jimmybond 17:21 04 Nov 2006

fair enough that you want the best connection -I think it's the almost desperately obsessive manner they're doing it in though - you're told that it takes 10 days for a speed to settle, and already he's in a panic, and using pointless (and silly) line hogging tactics.
And there's question of why - it does seem like it's a case of 'naah naaah what's you're speed mine's better kind of reason', than anything else.
although i'm sure i'll stand corrected soon ;-)

  Dipso 00:03 05 Nov 2006

When you are first upgraded to the up to 8 Meg Max product you are usually capped at 2 Meg speeds for the first 3 days. You can't make it faster by downloading, it's the BT kit that decides.

  Thomo1 11:40 05 Nov 2006

I dont want a larger speed just for the sake of it, i need it for the reason i upgraded to faster broadband - i watch a lot of streamed football over the weekend and need a beefy connection.

I have m8s over each weekend and have 3 streams on the go on 3 different screens/tv's for choice for the lads.

Im not agrieved that i havent got a good speed yet, my original post mearly pointed out that i wasnt happy with the initial speed i have been given.

You cannot slate somebody for getting the max use out of a service that they pay for surely??

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