BT Total Broadband will not completely

  steven_frost 23:13 12 Jul 2006

Seems like BT Total Broadband is not that if your on their old broadband talk platform, it all goes back to a letter i had when i got home saying i was being upgraded and this would me my Nice white home hub would work at this point alarm bells ring in my head so i phone bt up and at every turn get told yes your current broadband talk will work with the home hub even some guy in their tec support said it would but was told you need to plug your v10 in which i did and the BBV light flashed ah guy on phone said i'll phone you back.

2 hours later nothing so phone BT Broadband talk find out no it won't work in fact wont work till middle of august so shine new white box is now back in box waiting to come out when its working.

So the question is the hub been miss sold because it don't do as it says on the box Total Broadband i think not

  rmcqua 10:21 13 Jul 2006

Your post is SO difficult to understand ! Whatever happened to sentences and punctuation ?

  Giggle n' Bits 11:00 13 Jul 2006

were not all perfect you know.

from what you say, then BT have sold you a product missleading you because the this technology will not work until middle of August.

I would contact Ofcom filling in a short online form. They will look into what you say then most likley contact you with a update.

I would also contact trading standards.

Again if BT have sold you a product that will not be available in your areas until Mid August then they are breaking breach of contract.

  spuds 11:35 13 Jul 2006

This is Steven's other posting click here Perhaps worth a read?.

Steven- Perhaps if you telephone Consumer Direct click here , they can advice you more easily. Talking to someone (face to face!) may be the best solution?.

  steven_frost 12:24 13 Jul 2006

Big Byte,
Yes i am dysletic, and yes it causes a few problems i do try my best some times what i think does not always come out the way i want it. but on the upside being dyslestic is not the end of the world in fact when i was tested they did my IQ top 20% of briton so it's not all bad.

Anyway getting back to things Ofcom won't become involved till i have been throught BT complaints systems which is only fair that they try and sort the issue out.

I have already spoken to Consumer Direct and they are looking into it

Sorry if it seems hard to understand

  steven_frost 20:02 14 Jul 2006

Well it's been a fun couple of days got home yesturday to find the hub broken so a new one is being sent out to me but after talking to BT some very good news BT have agreed that the hub has been miss sold to me also that their in breach of their contract.

To resolve this they offered me 3 months free broadband not bad but i did stress to them what had happened and i asked for 6 months free broadband to which they have agreed and have also agreed to let me know in writing why this has happened.

The nice lady i spoke to and she was nice was shocked that this had happened and that the fact bt were more in to the new custormer thing.

So in all i am a little happier.

Oh one other thing those waiting for their hub phones they were called back when a child removed the keys from it

  steven_frost 16:20 18 Jul 2006

Well another update the new Hub arrived yesturday plugged it all in and all was working well, I spoke to their tec guys about a playstation 2 issue last night as my Hub was not showing that it was plugged in the did a remote access at which point while looking at his moment or lack of them he knew very very little about what he was doing so i left it at that.

Woke up this morning with 5 flashing lights on my Hub and left it for 30 mins before calling the support line, to which i was told to unplug the unit now it seems to be broken again.

BT seem very unwilling to help so i need advice, their sending out a new hub to me in the morning.

  stressed 23:30 18 Jul 2006

Think yourself lucky you can even get BT total broadband

We cant even get 4mb BT broadband yet and no hope of the much touted 8MB one

  umbongo(uk) 04:24 19 Jul 2006

you could always get rid of it all together .
saying it dosent work as described
you have rights and if it aint working to the agreed standard of how its supposed to work. it is then bt,s job to either fix it or refund you your money as after 3 tries id give up cos it shows the product is inferior and not worth it
like having a car thts sold to you but it only works the evry second day when it should work every day thus it dont comply with being a car the same goe,s for your problem dump the sh^&ty thing
if your wanting the items you describe i would go out and buy your own hub or wirless system just google for set up advice in the long run it will cost you less hassle
wait till they get this technology up n running before subscribing i remember when 512 k broadband always used cut off n line drop oooh them were the days

  steven_frost 12:08 20 Jul 2006

Well new Hub arrived and woke up this morning and it's still working mind you not yet plugged in my playstation yet so have to wait and see

  steven_frost 12:27 28 Jul 2006

Well after 2 U.S. hubs this one is still working, and more important BT have give me 6 months broadband for free so all in all a happy ending to an unhappy start.

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