BT Total Broadband

  STREETWORK 22:01 21 Aug 2006

Hmmm...I thought after looking at BT's latest brochure advertising BT Total Broadband, but...

Page 5 of the brochure plainly shows a picture of the 'wireless hub with phone' along side the introductory offer of £9.95 per moth for the first 6 months.

Now, to me this looks like the wireless hub is part of this offer. So I ring with the intention of changing from my current provider only to be told that I would have to pay for this (£30) as the offer is only for the 'wired modem'. Now where on the page does it say that??. So I tell the rep and she says its in the small print. Now we have seen small print but even with my glasses on I had to use a magnifying glass (borrowed from my lads home science kit) to see it.

Is this a way of suckering in the customer, miss-advertising, miss-selling or what?

Your views please as I am taking this up with them.

  Cymro. 11:11 22 Aug 2006

Yes! Go for it SREETWORK. We put up with far too much such things and BT are not my favorite company anyway even though they are my BB provider. I am just waiting for my contract to come to an end with them then I am off looking for some other BB provider. Then I dare say I shall have the problem of which new firm to go for.

  anskyber 11:22 22 Aug 2006

Obviously I do not have your brochure so it is difficult to comment. The BT web site is however very clear. click here

  STREETWORK 18:14 22 Aug 2006

I have sent a letter and email to BT about this and am awaiting a reply. If no reply i will offer it to Ofcom

anskyber, the link does show clearly that the wireless router appears to be a part of the package, eh...

  anskyber 18:32 22 Aug 2006

I can see what has happened here and I regret that the web site does make it clear. The link I posted has obviously "timed out". If you click on it again and then click "find out more" you will see that the £9-95 for 6 months offer does not include a wireless router. (option 1. The more info link from there shows a wired connection)

  anskyber 18:37 22 Aug 2006

Have you checked the BT site from scratch? I think you will find that it is very clear and in fact the hub phone is only available as part of an option with the top end Option 3.

  pedro64 21:31 22 Aug 2006

I have just signed up option 1 bt broad band Im no computer expert but followed set up installation word for word.Its states that when the green light on the hub moves over to the broad band sign only then connect to computer and run installation disc.I have now been waiting for the light to move on since sunday I tried contacting bts promised 24-7 technical help apparantly this is in Bombay.They now tell me my comp is to far away from the phone jack.(im using an extension phone lead at present)As I dont want my desk sitting in my bay window they advise I get a wireless card. Any ideas gratefully accepted.

  anskyber 21:44 22 Aug 2006

Yes. You are really hijacking this thread. It would be better if you started your own in Helproom rather than here in Consumerwatch. Someone might help you there.

  steven_frost 01:31 24 Aug 2006

Ah this old one well i had the same problem but BT wanted to charge me for the phone and i went for option 3 option 1 and 2 i believe you have to pay for the phone

  STREETWORK 06:26 24 Aug 2006

Still no response from BT.. Did any one else belive from the advertising on and the brochure through the post that the wireless hub was part of the £9.95 for six months deal??

  anskyber 09:32 24 Aug 2006

No, because it is not.

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