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  andyhepburnuk 12:31 18 Aug 2006

Hi, I'm new to this site so hello everyone.

Here is my problem. I had BT broadband for a long time and everything was fine (except that there broadband speeds were not as fast as everyone else) then one day i bought a chordless phone for my room (february), plugged it in through the filters as your supposed to. Then shortly after i noticed that my broadband connection would keep disconnecting. At first it would be after a few hours, and you would be able to reconnect shortly afterwards, but it slowely deteriated to never being able to connect. Then on one of my many phone calls to BT broadband help (not the word i would have chose) i noticed this. While on the phone my connection was fine, but as soon as i terminated the call i would loose the connection. The bt advised me several times to buy new filter which was nice, if anyone wants someone of my many filters let me know. But this didnt help. They then sent out the latest bt voyger modem (around may) but this had no effect. We then sent a letter to bt (july)explaining we would not be paying the latest bill because we are not getting the service we are paying for. They cut us off with out contact. So we called, i paid the bill, but we were told we would have to start a new broadband a/c. i didnt think there would be any point, but she explained about the new bt total broadband and said that the new hub phone (still waiting for) would resolve the issue. We have the bt freestyle phone they provided with the bt hub (to make up for waiting for bt hub phone. it says its worth 50.00 but its 25 in argos 28 on the bt website). I have also tried just a basic phone, it made no difference.

So i still have this same problem, for 6 months having to have the phone of the hook to connect?

what should i do

  STREETWORK 23:16 18 Aug 2006

My daughter had a similar problem as you describe, also that when anyone rang the broadband would cut off if she answered it.

I tried all sorts of things, changed the filters, got a new adsl modem from the ISP, reinstalled ms networking and client for ms networks, etc.

Then as a last resort I changed her portable telephone to a BT one that I had spare. Since doing this it would appear that the problem has gone away. I could not find any reference to it or any other similar problems people had, but I can only assume it was something to do with the digital signal frequency of the old portable phone.

Worth a try, borrow someones

  andyhepburnuk 10:43 19 Aug 2006

yeah i did try that but it didnt seem to resolve the issue. Just had a responce from BT as i sent them pretty much the same email. They advised me to change filter, and then try the master socket. But even if it works in the master socket, where do i plug my phone into?

  Cymro. 13:28 19 Aug 2006

I am afraid that I have no answer to your problem, but if BT can`t help what hope have we? In am also with BT and am always having some problem or other with them and their help line is hopeless. I am thinking of changing to some other ISP when my contract with BT comes to an end. But how to choose a new ISP? What we need is some sort of independent chart that tells us who the best ISP is. If someone out there knows of such a thing let us all know about it please.

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