B.T. A Tale Of Woe.Is This Britains Worst Firm?

  Alan L 12:13 06 May 2008

Back in February,having had enough of TalkTalk,I decided to go back to BT for my phone and internet.I thought it would be easy.No chance.In the space of 8 days,BT changed my telephone number 5 times.I spoke to over 30 people from BT none of whom could explain to me why this was happening nor if it would stop.I eventually asked them to disconnect me which they did for nearly a whole month.I wrote to their M.D.in March.No reply to date.I wrote to my M.P.and he wrote to B.T. as well.No reply to date.I wrote to the local telephone exchange and someone rang me.They couldn't explain why things had happened.I was promised a working phone based on the last number.I've still got it after 3 weeks.I got my old account closed with a complete refund,and a £50.00 credit for my new line.That only took 6 weeks! I then ordered BT broadband.For 8 whole days I had broadband.Then BT disconnected me.15 people couldn't tell me why I had been disconnected.I asked for it to be reconnected.I was told it would take 9 days!I rang BT,told them that as they'd broken my 12 month contract without any reason,I'd like my broadband account closed.They agreed and I went to Tiscali!I am fed up with being apologised to,fobbed off with feeble excuses,never finding anyone on their 150 service who knows anything-a case of jack & jills of all trades and masters of none-and the overall expeience has been time-consuming,a right pain in the you-know-what etc.I'll be glad when my 12 months with BT is up and I can go to Tiscali for both my phone and internet.I'm 54,have multiple osteoarthritis and fibromyagia,and both my phone and internet are my connection to the world when I'm unwell.This is the abbreviated version.I hope this sorry tale is worthy of a place is history!

  birdface 15:23 06 May 2008

Are you not in a Virgin area.They do fairly good packages for new customers.I got rid of BT about 7 years ago.They were far to expensive then.And as far as I can tell they have not changed much.There is another company out there that starts there name with British ? and you think BT are bad.

  ened 16:26 06 May 2008

I would advise doing some research before committing to Tiscali.

Every isp will have somebody who has complained about them.

After all these years I have finally found an isp I am happy with, and I did it by asking people in this area about their satisfaction levels.

In other words: it would appear that the efficiency or otherwise depends on where you live.

  Totally-braindead 16:31 06 May 2008

I think it was Gandalf who went on about seeing what your neigbours use before shifting ISP in another thread, just as ened has said. And its a very good point.
I was happy with Tiscali for maybe 2 years, no problems at all, then it was one thing after another ending with a pack of lies and me asking for my MAC code.
So I wouldn't recommend them. I'm with Plusnet now and am very happy with their service but I do think a ened says a lot depends on where you live as to the service you get. And in my opinion this is the same with all the providers.

  spuds 16:50 06 May 2008

Before committing yourself to another ISP, do as others have suggested, and check local or do a internet search.

The two links click here click here might help.

  Alan L 17:37 06 May 2008

I'm very lucky to live 500 feet away from the Telephone Exchange here in Spalding.I did consider Virgin but they're by far the most expensive service for phone and internet.The downside was their maximum speed as measured by them was 1.8mbps which for here is very slow. I considered a number of options and settled on Tiscali as they have equipment in the Exchange.When they measured my speed it was between 6.1 to 7.6mbps.I then independently checked it a few times and it averaged out at 6.7 to 7.0mbps.Further, several friends were already on with Tiscali and all were happy with their service.In the end,I signed up online from a nearby internet cafe.

I'm very lucky to be a good researcher.I would've loved to have gone with 02,but they're not here in Lincolnshire just yet. The sign-up to Tiscali went smoothly,the equipment turned up 6 days ahead of its due date,and I got connected to them with no fuss and no hassle.I'm very impressed with the very fast mbps rate.

I do though thank you all very much for your kindnesses in replying.Its great to know there are some super people out there. At the moment,my arthritic and fibro flareups have subsided for a while.My internet is my lifeline to the outside world when I really cannot get out and about.I'm just glad to be back online.

Alan L.

  ened 17:52 06 May 2008

Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I thought O2 was the mobile arm of your Nemesis: BT!

  Forum Editor 18:34 06 May 2008

to date we have seen far more negative comment about Tiscali than we ever see about BT. I'm not discounting your experience, it sounds as if you were treated disgracefully, but it is far from being the norm.

At least your troubles seem to be behind you now.

  Kaacee 20:11 06 May 2008

In answer to your thread title, YES it is......

  tillybaby 07:23 07 May 2008

Oh no, Alan I've just gone back to BT because of loads of trouble with my last provider. The only mess they did with me was issuing a wrong number for the soft phone thing and that did take a while to sort out but at least I had an alternative which is more than can be said for you.

Here's hoping you now get a good service and don't suffer the same with Tiscali as you did with BT.

  Mike D 07:55 07 May 2008

I must say that BT has been absolutely rock solid for me since I changed from Tiscali getting on for 2 years ago (touch wood!). Hopefully you will have the same experience.


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