BT says "Yes " to 0870

  realist 10:40 08 Jan 2009
  Stuartli 10:42 08 Jan 2009

My understanding is that companies who have 0870 prefixes normally make a small profit from the calls made to them; will they kick up a fuss?

  MAJ 10:44 08 Jan 2009

Now if only Talktalk would follow suit.

  dagnammit 10:57 08 Jan 2009

It says in the article that it will cost BT £24million - that must mean they're footing the bill to these other companies.

  caccy 11:35 08 Jan 2009

0844 and 0871 numbers are much more profitable than 0870/0845.

Check out
"click here"

  interzone55 11:47 08 Jan 2009

I thought most companies were being pushed to move to 03 numbers, which were not revenue earning, and should be included in charging bundles for mobiles.

If BT then include 0845 & 0871 numbers in their bundles what's the incentive for a company to go to the expense of moving to a new number?

  interzone55 11:48 08 Jan 2009

That should have read

If BT then include 0845 & 0870 numbers

  Stuartli 13:29 08 Jan 2009

If, like me, you have TalkTalk, surely you wouldn't begrudge a small profit to TT and the 0870 phone number provider, in view of the staggering phone cost savings (UK and International) we enjoy through TalkTalk?

  oresome 14:15 08 Jan 2009

It's not so much the cost, although I do begrudge it, but the nuisance factor. Without these chargeable calls my direct debit would be a fixed amount per month. As it is, I have to manually adjust the amount every month in my Money program to account for the odd coppers.

As for the staggering savings, in my case I probably pay more than I would if I paid for each individual call.

  palinka 16:17 08 Jan 2009

I use the system in caccy's link , whenever i can.

  Condom 01:32 09 Jan 2009

I use 0844 numbers for communicating with my second home here in Thailand as it only costs me 1P per minute to do so.

Virgin have always allowed me to call 0844 numbers free so the 1P per minute has been my total cost.

BT often cold call me trying to get me back but literally hang up on me when I ask if their 0844 numbers are free.

The days of anything other than local call charges is soon coming and in a few years I think you will find the same happens in the mobile field if you are prepared to buy your own phone.

Phone makers like the present set up in the UK as not so many people would continually upgrade if they had to pay the proper cost up front.

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