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  The Spires 23:17 09 Sep 2005

I have had increasing noise on my home phone line for the last few days and a call to Zen Internet confirmed that my disconnections for the last few days from ADSL were probably related.

I rang BT 150 at around 11am today & went through the auto line check which found no problem. After fiddling around as in connecting my router to the master socket & trying an ADSL modem & various filters I came to the conclusion the problem was that of BT.
I rang BT around 2.00pm today and a helpful lady confirmed there was a line problem and gave Monday as a final fix day. Less than an hour later a guy from BT phoned to say the issue was sorted. No noise on the line and ADSL running well. That's good service!

  Forum Editor 00:46 10 Sep 2005

BT comes in for a fair amount of stick, and I often feel that a lot of it is undeserved. Some people like to knock big companies just because they're big.

BT has made enormous progress with customer service over the past five years or so, and in my opinion they have nothing to be ashamed of on that score. Running a national telecoms network is no walk in the park, particularly when you're talking about the oldest telephone network in the world. The investment that BT has made (and is still making) in new line and exchange technology is vast, and overall I don't think they do too badly. I can't think of too many commercial organisations who would ensure that their line engineers keep in touch with a customer by mobile phone to update him on their progress with a line fault - which is what happened to me recently when a client's line went on the blink.

The engineers couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful.

  spuds 12:49 10 Sep 2005

Wish I had the same experience last week. Water in the system after heavy downpour [had similar problems in past]and phone connection was terrible. Automatic fault check proved negative, and put request for engineers check. BT confirmed engineer would contact me in an agreed approved 2pm-4pm slot [please be available and wait near your phone]. Time came and went, and at 7.10pm a phone call from a BT? lady informed me that my line was perfect [dried out by then].No apologies for my wasted time. I could not contact an engineer direct as BT did not allow this, but an engineers appointment could be booked at my expense if no line fault was found on the visit. Been through all that in the past and received a refund. On that occasion,automatic fault check found nothing wrong and first engineers visit found nothing wrong, and I was charged for visit, second next day engineers visit due to problem returning found water in the system and corroded parts, and call-out charge was refunded.

Waiting now for the next heavy downpour and perhaps the same scenario.

Would mention that I had another recent experince with BT recently. Upgraded my 1Mb to 2Mb Tiscali broadband package. Ticsali emailed me that I was on 2Mb, but on running various speed test I was getting below 1Mb. Checked with BT and was informed [as per screen advice] that I was on 2Mb. Bt advisor assured me that I was on 2Mb [the screen said so]. Further contact with Tiscali and within three days, speed test reports were stating that I was getting near 2Mb. Wonder what happened there!. [Rant over]

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