BT Phone Line

  Jameslayer 14:54 08 Dec 2010

Hi I have crackling on the phone line and its BTs. I have their number. Will they need acces to house to check the line. And were does their responsibility for the line end?

  961 15:12 08 Dec 2010

They will be able to check the line without access to the house if you report the fault to them via their web site

Their responsibility ends at the master socket within your house

If you gently unscrew the faceplate on that socket you'll find a test socket within the box. All the wiring on the house side of that belongs to you

  961 15:14 08 Dec 2010

It's worth adding that you might want to connect a telephone directly to the test socket and see if the crackling is still there

If it is, ring BT

If it isn't, it's likely the fault is in the house wiring

  Al94 15:14 08 Dec 2010

1 Is it your own phone or one rented from BT?
2 Have you tried plugging in a different phone to check if it's the handset?
3 They can check the line remotely
4 If they trace a fault to the external box they may not need access
5 Their responsibilty is usually to the master socket unless they wired extensions from that.

If it turns out to be a faulty handset owned by you, the bill will be big!

  spuds 15:58 08 Dec 2010

Might pay to read this click here

  Jameslayer 16:45 08 Dec 2010

On their website for checking the line it says the line must not be in use. How does that work wih broadband. Do i just turn the modem off?

  961 16:50 08 Dec 2010

I think that relates to voice calls at the time you make the check

Your broadband needs to be on for you to observe the results

  Severn Bore 18:17 10 Dec 2010

I had a similar problem for the past two weeks. It was repaired by an Openreach engineer who called this morning. He did not need access to the house as he said it was a "wet" connection on the telegraph pole which feeds my house. The problem was worse during frosty cold weather, but, oddly, did not affect my Internet connection.
Had a bit of a delay initially as I had to deal with Orange, my ISP, but an extremely friendly and helpful Australian called Ashley got onto it when I chased them up yesterday and got it sorted within hours, keeping me informed in the meantime. Clearly an asset to Orange.

  Sheepish 00:13 12 Dec 2010

Our phone line died altogether yesterday afternoon, engaged tone when dialing from outside, no dial tone, no internet connection. I checked the phone book for the error reporting number and it gives a list of simple checks to make before calling them. Go through these first to make sure it isn't your fault. I then phoned the contact number on my mobile, and got an automated system. It does an automatic check on the line, though it does say if you've got broadband on it will disconnect it while to does the check. I didn't have the modem on at the time anyway.

In my case it said there was a problem on the line asked me to input a contact number for progress reports (unfortunately I couldn't remember my mobile number in time!) and said they would deal with it. However the target is three working days.

It has improved slightly today, the modem is connecting but for voice calls the background noise makes it just about useless. It sounds like it might be a similar problem to Severn Bore's.

  bryaneipstein 06:53 13 Dec 2010

If you want your line to get fixed faster then they are sometimes required to check the house for any possible cause. Just make sure BT really sent the real technicians.

  onthelimit 09:39 13 Dec 2010

It's usually caused by a dry joint between the feed to the pole and the line to the house (probably corrosion). That in itself can cause some noise. When that joint gets moist, however, it causes all sorts of crackles and squeals. At least, that's how it was when I was a GPO engineer in the 60's!

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