BT no more : (

  iqs 19:50 08 Mar 2007

Hi,Is anyone using Virgin net broadband aka telewest/blue yonder ?.

I am considering dumping BT and signing with Virgin.I am sick of the constant dial up speeds during peak times.Currently my download speed is 36 kbps,from 11oclock onwards it will be upto 300kbps.

So,am I making the right decision?.Please you thoughts on this.Cheers

Nothing but perfect service with Blueyonder for many years. As you probably know, it is not crippled with the problems that ADSL is.

Btw, just to avoid confusion, Virgin net refers to Virgin's ADSL service that has been around years. The NTL:Telewest division is referred to as Virgin Media.

  iqs 20:29 08 Mar 2007

Hello [email protected] and thank you again for helping with another of my many recent threads.

I realised after I posted the thread I made a mistake regarding the name,like you pointed out its Virgin media.
I will be phoneing BT tomorrow and start the process of cancelling my contract.Thank you for yout time,Kind regards,Mike

  iqs 22:49 08 Mar 2007

Hi,I have just cancelled my BT account.I will phone Virgin sometime next week.

I was checking the specs for Virgin B/B.It uses Outlook Express,which I don't have installed on my Pc,and SP2.Are both required for their service.

If yes where can I obtain Outlook Express,I have tried the find the latest version,but no luck todate.SP2,will my OEM version of XP home like SP2?.My previous Pc with OEM XP reacted badly with SP1.

  beeuuem 00:01 09 Mar 2007

I have just left Virgin 'up to 8 Mbs' after one year with them. The D/L speeds in the afternoon and evening were often 150 kbps or less and always under 1Mbs. It was possible to get 6.5Mbps if you wanted to D/L at 3.00am!

I moved to Be and the speed can vary from 12 - 18Mbps but is normally 15Mbps

If you want to get the latest Windows updates you need SP2.
According to Virgin you need IE and OE 5.5 or 6 with XP SP1 or 2. You can D/L IE7 (with OE6) from click here though it might be a bit big without BB.
You will need OE to D/L mail although Virgin do also offer webmail.
SP2 installed and ran without a problem on my old system.
How did you remove OE?

  iqs 08:54 09 Mar 2007

Hi,and thanks for your reply.I removed OE by accident.I clicked on the wrong program in add/remove programs.Never used it,so no big deal.But know.....

  iqs 09:01 09 Mar 2007

Hi just checked what version of IE is installed.The following is stated..

Version 6.0.2800.1106 xpsp2.030422-1633

Updated version sp1

If yes,I don't know how......

First of all, beeuuem's experience with Virgin's 'upto 8meg' is completely irrelevent as that is the ADSL service which is completely seperate to the cable service you are interested in so don't worry about that. You are joining the Telewest network but under the name of Virgin Media now. You will be hard pushed to find a Telewest customer that complains about their broadband.

If you are going to use an ethernet port to connect to the modem (which I recommend), it does not matter what spec your PC is. You could be running Windows 95 and it would still work so don't worry too much about that either.

I'm surprised they mention Outlook Express as a "requirement". Outlook is just an e-mail client and there is absolutely no need for it to be installed for your internet to work. I'm more inclined to think that they recommend it for retrieving e-mails from your new Blueyonder/Virgin e-mail account.

There are many Telewest customers running Linux/Macs so they can't possibly set any Windows software as requirements. In fact, as long as you use the ethernet port there is absolutely no software requirements provided whatever you are running can access the ethernet port properly.

  iqs 17:41 09 Mar 2007

Hi [email protected],I will phone instead of joining on line.This way I can ask the many questions I have before signing.
I curently have a thread in the Helproom asking about the best way to obtain Outlook.Like you I don't understand why this is a requirement.But it stated on the Pc spec requirements.So just incase I do......
Thank you again for your help :)

  beeuuem 19:08 09 Mar 2007

My apologies if I mislead you re Virgin. I gather that it is true that the speed is much more reliable on cable.
I can't get cable so I'm stuck with ADSL.
If you go to Add/Remove Windows Components and replace the tick in OE does it not reinstall OE? It may ask for your XP CD

  DerekR 21:36 09 Mar 2007

I'm on Virgin 4mb, have been since it upgraded from 600kbs to 750kbs then 2mb, now 4mb. In all that time I have never had slow connection speeds. 4mb gives me a constant 3.7 or 3.8 whatever time of the day.

Cable is definately miles more stable than ASDL.

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