BT Midband £35 / month

  A.J.C. 13:44 28 Apr 2003

Just seen a news item stating that BT's Midband service will cost £35 per month. Launching 1st June 2003 the price includes 150 hours per month at 64kbps (128kbps available but reduces no of hours per month). 2 hour limit before being disconnected.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:52 28 Apr 2003

For full info click here

Its a joke, they should not be able to sell a lesser service for a higher price.

  graham√ 14:22 28 Apr 2003

Depending on usage, some people may be better off with Highway ISDN anyway, and pay for the calls. Either way, I can't see it being self-install as wiring changes will be needed.

  NEOSPHEAR 14:43 28 Apr 2003

I think it's disgusting I agree with you Sir Radfordin™ completly.
Why ever did we make the telecomunication sector private?

  barrie_g 18:26 28 Apr 2003

I also thing that it is a disgrace at those prices when you consider that the standard install is for 64kbps when you think that dialup is 52kbps anyway.

personally I think thats its just bt's way of putting people off, more so when you consider that the very people who will be wanting it are in rural locations and are unable to get broadband, so that they can turn to the government and say well we offered this at that but no-one took it up

  EmBeZzLeR 19:33 28 Apr 2003


  Taran 19:49 28 Apr 2003

While I can't dispute that "to sell a lesser service for a higher price" seems ludicrous, there are probably still many people who will take up the service since it will allow 150 hours access at a potentially far higher speed than is currently available with standard narrowband.

This is where it will score - many people will overlook or accept the hourly restrictions, just as they have with BTs narrowband Anytime package in favour of faster speed web access for the duration they are currently used to.

Think about it. If you're already used to a 2 hourly cut-off and 150 hours per week, it isn't too big a jump to accept those same terms with a faster access speed.

I actually think its pretty shrewd marketing, although it is obviously very poor by comparison to other broadband and even some ISDN and narrowband offers.

  A Cat Called George 20:17 28 Apr 2003

If this story proves accurate then the pricing is ridiculous. I use isdn myself as it is the best I can get here with broadband being out of the question here, only 40 registrations for adsl on the local exchange. I use a single connection on Freeserve most of the time and pay by the minute for a dual connection on UKonline when I need extra speed for downloading. Currently I pay Freeserve £14.99 a month and spend around £5.00>8.00 for using UKonline per month. £35.00 per month instead?.... HA HA!!

  A Cat Called George 19:09 17 May 2003

Further to my previous posting on this subject. BT are launching the Midband service on June 1st. If you do not already have Home Highway the install cost will be £74.99 including the BT Home Highway box. this gets you the isdn service. You will then have to pay £10.00 on top of the cost of your choice of BT together package. However if like me you already have Home Highway and a BT Together package because isdn is the fastest you can get then you only have to pay the extra £10.00 for the Midband service and either way you do not need to pay for an isp service on top, so no more need for Freeserve for me. So, inspite of what I said in my previous post when I was less well informed, I will actually save around £10.00 per month and so have preregistered for the new service,

  Forum Editor 19:46 17 May 2003

that BT have said the £35 a month charge for midband services will include the line rental.

That being the case, you'll be paying £35 less the line rental for your Internet connection. The line rental works out at £9.50 a month, so the actual midband cost will be £25.50 - still not cheap, but less than it might seem at first glance.

  A Cat Called George 21:29 21 May 2003

As I said in my last posting, if you already have Home Highway and BT together in order to use isdn, taking up the Midband option from June can actually save you money. It seems the report we were directed to in April was a bit light on detail and mislead us into thinking this was going to be an expensive service. For those of us already using isdn this looks like a relatively cheap option. However for those not already using isdn it doesn't look so good. You need to think about how much you want the extra speed and the ability to use the internet and the telephone at the same time. As I said before I have preregistered. You should disregard my first posting on this subject as like the first posters I was not well informed by the early reports on Midband.

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