BT lowers trigger levels, article in PCA

  recap 19:46 04 Mar 2003

After reading the article on page 137 of the current PCA mag, I am wondering what the difference between household and business broadband connection is.

The area I work in(Rural North East) has broadband for the household user but not for business. I would really like to know the difference because there is an exchange less than 1000 meters away from my place of work and we cannot get broadband just ISDN.

We have 17 computers connected to this ISDN line and when all are in use we may as well have modems installed on a 56K connection.

  he he :-) 21:02 04 Mar 2003

I don't think BT knows how to put bb on IDSN lines.

  Forum Editor 23:09 04 Mar 2003

provided it is one of the following types: ISDN 2, ISDN 2e, Business Highway.

At the moment you can't convert an ISDN 30 line. BT Openworld are currently waiving the normal fee for the conversion, and also the £210 installation fee on all but one of the ADSL business packages, so with luck you'll get the whole thing free - apart from the monthly ADSL charge. You'll certainly notice a difference - ADSL is far faster than ISDN.

Why don't you ring BT Openworld and get the full information? Call them on 0800 389 2341

  g0slp 00:02 05 Mar 2003

I'm also in the North-East, & my exchange is between Durham City (BB available) & a certain well-known politician's constituency (BB also available). However, when I contacted BT to enquire as to when I could expect BB, the (very pleasant) BT rep told me that it wouldn't be available, as my exchange hadn't reached "Critical Mass".

Now, apart from the fact that I thought that BT were in telecoms, & not Nuclear Physics, I'm somewhat miffed, especially as I was subsequently told that the main reason for our not being offered BB was in fact that the exchange is "too rural"!!! I can't see that we are any more "rural" than our neighbouring exchange. (SURELY there wouldn't be any other reason for that exchange to be upgraded???)

As cable ran out of money before they got to my village, & BT won't upgrade, I'm seemingly stuck with dialup. So, the sooner that trigger levels are lowered, the better, but I'm not, I think, going to hold my breath.

  recap 15:28 05 Mar 2003

Thanks Forum Editor, we are ISDN2. I have registered our interest with BT for business BB but it is not available in our area as yet. Our centre would have to take the 20 PC offer @ around £150 per month connection charge, which we would gladly pay.

Why is there a difference between the householder and business customer. The housholder can have BB but business cannot. Could it be that the business customer would be regarded as a heavy user with all the added PC's, and therefore put a stain on the connection?

  Forum Editor 23:57 05 Mar 2003

I would imagine that is precisely the reason, although why a modern telecoms company can't provide a company with a decent high-speed internet connection (regardless of its location)in one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet is quite beyond me. It's not as if BT engineers have to trek across vast, inhospitable wastelands to install and maintain the equipment - the UK isn't exactly a sub-continent is it?

  recap 11:09 06 Mar 2003

Thanks FE.

I would have thought that BT would jump at the chance to connect a business to BB, afterall they would be getting more money from the business cutomer.

Or, don't BT want/need the extra money?

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