BT knows how to keep me happy

  Forum Editor 23:04 18 Feb 2003

On the basis that good news is always welcome here's some.

At home I use a BT OpenWorld broadband connection. I've had it ever since the ADSL service was first introduced, and apart from some very early teething problems and one accounting error BT has provided me with an excellent service. Last week my connection kept dropping out for no apparent reason, and doing it often - sometimes I could only stay online for a couple of minutes. On Sunday afternoon I ran out of ideas, so I rang the BT OpenWorld ADSL technical helpdesk. The technician took me through all the usual checks without success, and finally said he thought there may be a line fault. He gave me a BT number to ring, and without much enthusiasm I dialled - it was Sunday afternoon after all, and it was BT.

I waited no more than fifteen seconds or so before speaking to a very friendly and line engineer. He told me he would run a line test and ring me back. Less than a minute later he called - "there's an underground cable fault that's causing your problem" he said. "It'll be fixed within a week". A week's a long time with no connection, but it was a domestic line after all, and I have ADSL in the office, so no real problem. "let me have your mobile number" said the engineer "and we'll update you as the week goes on".

At around 11:00 on Monday morning I got a text message from a BT line engineer "I'm working on your cable fault, and will do my best to fix the problem as soon as possible - I'll let you know if there'll be any delay".

At 7:30 this morning (Tuesday) I tried the connection. It worked perfectly, and has been rock steady ever since. Only 24 working hours after reporting the fault it was fixed, and I felt I was in the hands of a professional organisation from start to finish.

That's the way to run a communications company - by communicating with your customers.

  The Paul 23:23 18 Feb 2003

As always its nice to hear good things. I must say that I have always found BT very good. This just makes it seem even better.

Pity though that some other organisations couldnt pinch one or two ideas from them. It'd make a major difference to us all.

  Hachi-Roku 23:41 18 Feb 2003

not to be rude but could it maybe be cause you had this service since its very start and so BT might be very supportive of long time customers lol! thats the case with quite a few other companies and businesses. anyways that is a very good thing to hear about! i agree, if only other communications service was as this friendly and supportive to their customers!

  Forum Editor 00:18 19 Feb 2003

Don't forget that it's BT (telephones) I'm talking about - not BT OpenWorld, which is a completely different company.

The line fault was diagnosed and repaired by BT engineers, and they wouldn't know anything about the BT OpenWorld connection.

  tbh72 00:44 19 Feb 2003

I have also had problem's with my ADSL, I am with freeserve. They also gave me a BT telephone number to ring and the BT Van was in my street faster than a fire engine. Needless to say, my line fault was also taken care of quickly & I mean quick.

  spuds 02:05 19 Feb 2003

Used BT since they started, and the GPO before that. Always found BT very good, both with service and customer care.Had a bad line problem once,caused by water seepage, which took them a couple of days to locate the exact trouble point.Kept me fully informed about progress, and even gave me compensation, without even asking for it.

  Spook Tooth 02:21 19 Feb 2003

BT performed well for me also, just the past week gone.

My ADSL connection was and has been (Still) dropping out of 'sync'. Despite it not showing as a line fault or particular problem at BT's end (the echange for example), they were quite exemplary. I'm not with them - just the line and phone, and Zen handle the Internet.

The engineer even left me with a USB modem to try, in place of what increasingly appears to be a problematic PCI modem (allegedly). This guy went far beyond what he was required to do, on and off the record - I'm grateful for people like him. Even though my problem's not solved, I feel much better for people like him having tried very hard to help me.

  tbh72 02:34 19 Feb 2003

I was thinking about loosing the speed touch usb in place of a pci, but I'll think on me think's. If it aint broke dont mess with it!!!!

  oresome 12:24 19 Feb 2003

That's the power of competition. Remember how BT used to be when phones were black, took 6 months to install and then it was a shared line?

  Spook Tooth 15:07 19 Feb 2003

Yeah - I'd be tempted to do that too. Hee. But, seriously, you might have better luck if that's what you want, but be prepared for pain and lots of it - you might be lucky though. (But I doubt it...). ;o) Who knows? It's a gamble - the great russian roulette of PCing. Off to do a reformat now...

  anchor 17:03 19 Feb 2003

FE: I am pleased for you, you had very good service.

This was not the case for me last autumn. My phone went dead, and the fault was diagnosed as an underground cable fault. I quickly received one text message to my mobile, informing me that the repair would be carried out within 48 hours. Nothing more.

I won`t bore you with the details, but despite many calls to the repair sevice, the date was continually put back. Eventually, after 15 days, it was finally repaired. All I received in compensation, was the equivalent of 15 days rental deducted from my next bill. No amount of complaining at the highest level would budge them from this.

Good service?, not in my case.

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