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  User-8B1DD897-1B43-4A20-88BAD07029387E14 09:37 14 Oct 2006

Good morning everyone

Im have just upgraded my broadband package & BT are sending me a free Home hub. My question is: Is the technology of the hub any better (ie speed, range, connectivity etc) than my existing BT voyager 2100 router? or is it just a bulk standard bit of kit in a pretty white box?

  STREETWORK 10:53 14 Oct 2006

The BT home hub will have a better firewall and configuation settings. As for range, this depends on where it will be situated and any existing inferance. Speed, maybe...

  €dstowe 11:59 14 Oct 2006

I have had the home hub installed for a week now (replacing my Netgear DG 834G). The operating range is similar- it will still transmit to the bottom of my garden and it seems about the same in reliability. I've heard reports of frequent dropouts with the home hub but I don't seem to get that.

I've done a few speed checks and it seems that there is a slight improvement but, over such a short test period, I and not sure it is significant.

An advantage is that you can connect a phone to the hub for cheap and/or free calls. This is different to VoIP as it doesn't rely on the computer being on for it to work. There is also the BT HubPhone but these are unavailable so far but are supposed to be all singing and all dancing video phones.

Having heaped on the praise, I should point out that I'm not putting my Netgear on eBay yet. (That was figurative, I don't use eBay.)

  €dstowe 12:03 14 Oct 2006

BTW, the phone you connect to the hub need be nothing more than a standard Touchtone phone which you can buy anywhere for a lot less than £10.

Thanks guys.

  Jimmy14 19:47 14 Oct 2006

I know I am partially hikacking the thread but as it is regarding the Home Hub could you tell me what option you are on from BT' Broadband (1,2,3) and how good is it. I was thinking of moving to BT sometime but havn't heard any good reviews.


  Ade_1 21:13 14 Oct 2006

I have just installed my BT Home Hub today, had masses of problems getting it installed, ended up being on the phone for 58 minutes to BT. I could hardly pick it up on my desktop PC upstairs so I took the laptop right next to it and it still struggled to pick it up!

I phoned BT and they took control of the computer and they ended up changing the channel of the broadband and it worked fine, although it took them about 58 minutes to get it all sorted... However some setup really easily, a friend of mine had theirs installed in no time at all.

But regarding your question -

I think I am running slightly faster as previously using my Voyager 2110 I often found I went really slow then back to normal speed but none of that as of yet. So far so good, however installation can be very frustrating.

Also, I actually got upgraded to BT Total Broadband (2mbps) from BT Broadband (512) and was using the Voyager 2110 with Total Broadband for a while until my Hub came. I was getting around 2mbps with the 2110 but not consistently unlike now with the Hub. And like I said, I notice a bit of change now.

If you dont understand some of the above please do ask me to rephrase it. Im not particularly good at explaining things...


  €dstowe 22:23 14 Oct 2006

I was on Option 4 (50GB/month) but was offered (and took) a downgrade to option 3 (40GB/month) and a free home hub for three pounds a month less than I was paying. I've never used the full download quota at home so the 10GB drop was no problem to me.

I get download speeds of about 7Mb/min which I think is slightly faster than before.

I do like the low cost phone system though (free evenings and weekends) and I am shortly to change to the other option on that of a fixed fee of £4-25/month for free calls any time.

  Mike D 07:24 15 Oct 2006

I have had a Home Hub since 1 August; speeds are fine, never had a dropped connection and it set up like a charm. I use a standard touch tone phone with no problems,


  steven_frost 17:03 15 Oct 2006

I've had the Homehub for some time after 2 of them breaking it's been working fine in fact took next to no time to setup and the fact i have my Playstation connected direct to it, the issue with the Hub phone has now been fixed and works really well too

I have always been with BT for broadband (too lazy to look elsewhere!). I was on Option one but have just upgraded to option 2 - they wouldn't increase my speed from 2mbs to 8mbs without mne signing a new contract.

I heard that they did not monitor download quotas so I remained on option 1 for ages - I'm online nearly 14 hours a day with work and have never had it questioned.

Only upgraded to option 2 so that I could get the free hub - It works out cheaper than BT Telecom option 3 friends and family for the phone. We use skype as well but my wife is addicted to the bloody phone!! And I work from home so we have decided to use voip for as much as possible.

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