BT have been misleading us

  timsmith259 10:58 25 Aug 2010

and here is the proof

click here

  timsmith259 11:33 25 Aug 2010

The Advertising Standards Authority, which received 17 complaints, said it had not seen sufficient evidence to support the claim and concluded that the advert was likely to mislead.

as reported and stated by the BBC

  Kevscar1 11:53 25 Aug 2010

There are more adverts which are misleading, exagerated or edited in post production than there are 100% honest so whats the big deal.

  Covergirl 12:45 25 Aug 2010

We're lucky to get 1.5Mb. I have a couple of friends on BTs overpriced 10GB allowance basic BB package and neither of them get more than 1.5Mb download speed.


How am I going to check before I buy a BB package from anybody ? OK, a few ISPs offer a returns or cancellation policy but it's not like you can go into a shop or connect anonymously to an ISP and check their download speeds before you buy, is it?

  Woolwell 13:20 25 Aug 2010

The BT Speed Test click here
does give a reasonably accurate indication of the maximum speed you can get with your line. Note maximum.

  BT 16:39 25 Aug 2010

which received 17 complaints

They would need to receive considerably more complaints than this to even consider banning an advert.

  Hercule Marple 16:55 25 Aug 2010

My ISP (Plusnet) recently upgraded my service from 'Up to 8Mb' to 'Up to 20Mb', but it hasn't made any difference to my download or upload rates.

  Covergirl 17:03 25 Aug 2010

. . . that TalkTalk has given me than BT are ever able to due to being LLU'd.
Up to 4Mb on TT . Tiscali was about the same as BT but now Tiscali are part of TT I would imagine they're on the same equipment where possible.

When are BT going to do womething about this?

  961 17:38 25 Aug 2010

I don't think that's a speed test as in

click here even though it says it is. That's misleading for a start

It's more of an finger in the air estimate assuming there are no major faults on the line. And in rural areas where the lines are old and only repaired when customers phones go off or ISP's throw a hissy fit, these estimates may be optimistic

The estimate suggests I'll get up to 5Mb. The highest I've had is 4.3Mb but that's only after rectification of many faults over the length of the line. Currently we get an average of 3.7Mb and I must say I'm more than satisfied with that because I understand the technical difficulties involved and fully accept that many folk with the sort of line length I have get nothing approaching this

  Woolwell 17:44 25 Aug 2010

I know it's not a speed test when connected (as we normally expect) but it does point to a maximum that could be achieved. Therefore if a provider is offering up to 20 Mb and this test states max 5 you will know roughly where you stand.

  961 17:52 25 Aug 2010

Quite right. But why don't they call it an estimate in their title and then provide a link to the actual speed test that they do operate on BT lines

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