BT excel yet again!!

  Pine Man 19:09 30 Oct 2010

I pay my BT bill by direct debit monthly.

This month, on downloading my bill, I find that the last DD 'failed' so I have been reverted to a cheque/cash account only and charged £4.50 for the pleasure!

My bank told me that the BT DD ,mandate was still active and sufficient funds existed to pay it.

Speaking to BT, in India somewhere, I am eventually told, after being put through to a supervisor, that they cancelled my DD to avoid my BT account going into credit!!

The only way forward was to set up another DD and arrange for a refund of the new charges incurred.

My present BT contract expires in February when O2 can look forward to a new customer!!

  lucky1 19:19 30 Oct 2010

......... and those of us in many parts of Nothern Ireland, North of England, and Central Scotland were without BT's beloved Total Broadband for many hours last night thanks to a 'fault' at one of their Edinburgh exchanges.

Apologies for highjacking your thread.

  rdave13 19:27 30 Oct 2010

Good luck with O2.

  birdface 19:50 30 Oct 2010

Try this and scroll down Telecommunications.

click here

You may get the correct phone number or e-mail address.

  birdface 19:59 30 Oct 2010

Yes it looks like Livingston is still in charge and now you know where your money goes.

click here

  PalaeoBill 20:38 30 Oct 2010

BT Total Broadband woes here in Cornwall too. Earlier this evening the DNS servers disappeared. No mention of this on the service status page or any acknowledgement that there was a problem when I called them. I got the usual "it could be a fault with your PC or router have you tried .........." to which I responded "No, I established that it was nothing wrong with my connection to the internet and it was in fact a fault with your DNS addresses by using tracert to a company server at the other end of the country." At this point I got this distinct impression that I was the only one on the line who knew what DNS meant.

I'm using Public DNS now.

I also apologize for hijacking your thread.

  morddwyd 07:58 31 Oct 2010

"Good luck with O2."

I agree, they're not the ultimate good guys that some would have us believe.

I've just changed from O2 to BT because of their appalling customer service, and I'm now trying to persuade them that they should not still be taking money from my account.

  Pine Man 08:09 31 Oct 2010

Maybe I should look closer before leaping;-)

  anchor 13:12 31 Oct 2010

The CEO of BT is Ian Livingston. I contacted him this August and had a very speedy response. Initially from him, and then a phone call from a senior person who resolved the problem.


[email protected]

  Pine Man 14:12 31 Oct 2010

Thanks for that info but there is already a letter in the post. If I stay with BT and have further problems I'll definitely contact him.

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