BT customer service just didn't give service at

  josie mayhem 22:14 08 Mar 2008

BT has the most horrendus customer services that I have ever come across, not did it take a very long time, no-one knew could help, passed onto another adviser etc... I was that angry about the why that I'd been dealt with that I decided to make a complaint so I phoned the complaints department only for the women there to be unhelpfull and dam right rude to me....

I think that I have a justified complaint, after finding out that I had lost both BB and landline... BB was with Sky and as far as I knew I had a contract with BT for the land line!!!!

I spent just over £55 to find out that I wasn't a customer! News to me because I haven't given permission for anyone to provide me with phone service?

I spent over 3 hours, talking to 20 odd customer services personel, to get my phone line back! I can only remember two names of two... Holly because she was the 9th adviser I spoke to and she hung up on me!!! after the first 90 minutes and I had to start again... then I had to except to be a new customer with a 12month contract and a upfront payment of £25... I was told that my phone would take 2 working days to reactivate aaaHHHH...

So I had to wait until last monday to get land line back, no land line on Monday so phoned them again I was lied too, it actually take 3 working days to reativate and I shouldn't have been told otherwise...

I decided about the BB that I would reorder that via a dial up connection (lucky I kept my old dial up modem) I ordered 12.30pm with BB because they said that they could get me up and running within 5 working days, which I worked out to be next Thursday, but no it's going to be Friday, the kit isn't even being sent until Thursday!!! So hopefully might get to me on Friday!!!!

So I've decided after my adtempt to phone through my complaint to there complaints department fell on rude ears, I now going to go the snail mail way, mind you with the speed of this dial up connection it be about the smae spped!

  Forum Editor 23:20 08 Mar 2008

"I phoned the complaints department only for the women there to be unhelpfull and dam right rude to me...."


"she was the 9th adviser I spoke to and she hung up on me!!!"

suggests that a pattern might be emerging - you say that you were angry, and I can understand that, but I wonder if you allowed your anger to affect the way you spoke to these people just a bit too much? It's not easy to remain calm in the face of inefficiency, but it does tend to get results.

What I can't quite understand is what actually happened - why did you lose your SKY broadband connection, and how did your BT landline come to be disconnected?

  tullie 08:15 09 Mar 2008

The landline is BTs,doesent matter who you pay your money to,BT receive their landine fee either from you,or the ISP.
And it puzzles me also as to why you lost your connection>

  josie mayhem 10:54 09 Mar 2008

The one who hung up on me wasn't the lady from the complaints department... I wasn't turse let alone rude with any-one, as I'm aware to do so means that you can't expect to be helped... So there was no justified reason for any one to hang up on me... The one who has to really deal with my anger is been poor old hubby...

The nearest I got to be being rude,was when I got to the stage when I had to stop myself, think before I said something rude...

The only information that BT would give me is that apparently I change providers way back late 2006, which is news to me... As I spoke to BT last year after being harresed by Toucan, who was trying to get me to change to them... It seemed that summer of 2007, that I was a customer of BT?

When I posed the question who been paying my line rental then! As some-one must have been paying either me, or a service provider on my behalf. Otherise no money coming for that line, it's cut....

They couldn't explain this one...

Nor could I get reasurance that I wouldn't be possed with this problem again, I explained that I don't just use my BB for pleasure, it is a method that I keep in contact with my diabetic clinic... As it cuts down the need for me to travel to clinic, and much easier to load my results into a e-mail and then they can study them give me the advise I need, with out trying to accomplish thi over the phone, added to this when I get my insulin pump I will need to have internet access to up load data from my insulin pump... So it is imporant for me to have a very reliable landline/broadband connection....

I think that is what is making me angry more than the money that I have lost in phone calls... Once I'm up and running again next week, could I face this all over again in a couple of months time, when the need for the BB connecion will be so much more important than it is today?

  Forum Editor 11:17 09 Mar 2008

as to how you could have been provided with a service that nobody was paying for. You say that BT have on record the fact that you changed providers in 2006; are you saying that you haven't paid any line rental since then?

If that's the case, didn't you think it odd that you received no bills for two years?

  amonra 13:27 09 Mar 2008

Earlier on in your post, you stated BB was provided by Sky ? In that case you could have opted out of BT's landline service and gone onto Syy's LLU.(possibly unknowingly) This would mean that BT had nothing to with your service and would ONLY get involved if ask to by Sky. Hope this helps.........

  tillybaby 15:34 09 Mar 2008

Over the past few weeks I was losing my BB connection intermittently and had to use their call centre, I must have been lucky though because the people really bent over backwards to help, o.k I know sometimes it seems as though they're reading off a sheet but I suppose they have to eliminate the obvious things before they start looking deeper. I too was with a different provider for my landline which was news to me too until I remembered I had agreed to go with the post office, now I'm back with BT because I do prefer everything to be under one roof so to speak. All I can say Josie Mayhem is I hope you get your problem sorted soon and without too many more aggressive phone calls from them.

  josie mayhem 18:59 09 Mar 2008

I'm puzzeled as well FE,

One would assume that if BT hadn't been recieving any payment for my line that I would have been cut off a long time ago...

I wouldn't expect to recieve a bill of BT themselves, as I choose to go paperless when they first introduced it... Guess what I can't get into my account now!!!!

I know that I should check my bank account, but I know what and when my pay goes in, and how much should be taken out... So only really check if the figures don't seem right...

And no-one else has asked for money, so I can't work out what going on at all... But hours and hours of talking to many different people to even to get this semi answer isn't really on....

  Goliht 23:08 11 Mar 2008

I used to work for sky.

You pay for sky bb, do/did you pay for skytalk as well? And how long were you with sky bb?

If is possible, whoever you are paying your telephone to are also taking rent off you for telephone calls. However Sky Talk has only just started doing line rental, literally in the last few months. So your phone bills will probably cover a charge for line rental to whoever you pay your phone bill to. That would be my first place to check.

Only BT line rental is about £11, most other Line Rentals are around £9.00

I personally use Toucan, I've been with them for about 7 years. And they're a massive saving. Calls to portugal cost me 2p per min on my setup. Which is better than any other sub i've ever seen. Skytalk is great if you want to talk to certain locations and i suppose other companies have their good sides also.

I'd look at my phone bill first, to check for line rental. If you need further help with tracking down issues, try Openreach, they are now a completely independant company from BT, and are uniquely in place to resolve any land line issues. Esp the ones like "who do i owe line rental to?!"

BT telephone system is pretty dreadful, i had to wait 73 minutes to get through to sales. And then anotheer 40mins to be transferred to customer services. But the quality of the call advisors themselves was 110%.

Every company has its bad apples. Maybe your own frustration and bad luck picked out the worst ones for you. I know what it is like in call centres, noone wants to deal with an angry customer. Just as you don't want someone screaming at you in the street, you don't expect it at work. I goto work to Help people.

Perhaps if you put forth your questions here, we can answer them or find a solution to assist you in doing so.

  ronalddonald 07:56 03 Jun 2008

Have you tried writing raher ringing them, im sure you find a head office address on one of the forums or in a BT phone book.

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