BT calling plans - and the small print!

  Diemmess 09:56 21 Feb 2008

Its cosy to ask around this forum without a hard-sell agent to confuse me.
I am not interested in changing suppliers, only in best value from the new BT plan changes from April 1st.

So.. at present on Option 1, I am considering moving to what BT describe as "Unlimited Anytime" (once Option 3)

BT say this will cost me £16.45 per month including line rental and a 12 month contract.The quarterly cost (I calculate) will be £57.99 inc VAT.

Current (Online, no paper) cost varies slightly each quarter between £68 and £73.

It appears likely to benefit me by about a tenner per quarter.... or what have I missed?

  anchor 10:32 21 Feb 2008

An alternative to consider is to remain with Option 1, and sign up to 18185.

click here

This will allow you to call "normal" UK numbers for a flat fee of 5p, without any time restrictions on the call. I used this service for a long time until I got a special deal from my ISP to include free calls.

Do your sums, and see which would be better for you.

  anskyber 10:35 21 Feb 2008


If you wish to stay with BT (as opposed to other suppliers) then the new Anytime cost structure with paperless billing and Direct Debit it will cost £16.45 pm month with the free calls other than to premium rate numbers and mobiles although there is a good discount for mobiles.

If you change now you will also get three months of line rental charge only saving about £15.

  anchor 10:45 21 Feb 2008

Forgot to add, I still use 18185 for calls to mobiles. Much cheaper than BT.

  Stuartli 11:05 21 Feb 2008

I've had a look at your 18185 website, mostly with regard to calls to mobiles in the Cayman Islands.

The calls to landlines are charged at 10p and mobiles at 15p - I pay a fixed 5p and 6p rate respectively using:

click here

It could be, however, that other providers are slightly cheaper - certainly most are more expensive.

Also see:

click here

  Diemmess 12:07 21 Feb 2008

Thank you everyone.

I stated specifically:
[I am not interested in changing suppliers, only in best value from the new BT plan changes from April 1st.]

anskyber goes to the top of the class as the only one who read my question correctly.

The others are very welcome to express their views but I didn't want to start a list of alternatives to BT.

Not very adventurous, but to me its better the devil I know.
In such intensive marketing it suits me that way. Look at the fight during the last few years over mobile contracts and the suppliers that have promised the earth and then gone to the wall.

  Diemmess 14:31 21 Feb 2008

I have since tried The East.

'She' was helpful and did not recommend my proposed change of plan because I hadn't taken into account a number of 0870 and 0845 calls which are not free.
So the Option 3 would not reduce the cost.

We did arrange to use Option 2 (@ current Option1 charge) forthwith and for 12 months.
My point is that everyone should analyse their own usage. Everyone is different. That is the small print!

  anskyber 14:51 21 Feb 2008

What about this though? click here Do you ring many 0870 and 0845 numbers?

  anskyber 14:55 21 Feb 2008

Option 2 ( The new evening and weekend plan) does NOT include 0870 and 0845 numbers only 01, 02 and 03 numbers. click here

  anchor 13:28 22 Feb 2008

Diemmess: I did in fact read your question correctly.

I fully understand you do not wish to change the supplier of your telephone service, but using the 18185 service does NOT involve changing supplier.

I am with BT on both my phone lines, but when necessary, I prefix the complete number with 18185. BT charge me a basic 5p, and the rest of the call is charged at 18185 rate. This can be from 0p/min for a UK call, and whatever for International calls; (0845 and 0870 call are not included in their low tariff).

However, you seem to prefer to solely use BT services, and that is your choice.

  Diemmess 15:43 22 Feb 2008

Sure anchor: Not getting at you at all.

I've ticked resolved because my question has been answered, but now it is open season!

I didn't want to turn the thread into a symposium of the field of alternative contracts to pay for the blower.
Members know that a question "How long is a piece of string" will soon go off topic into the realms of strength of climbing ropes, or how to make a cat's cradle.

Yes I may be slipping into bouts of attention devicit syndrome, but we both agree, it eventually depends on a personal choice.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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