BT Call & Rental charges increase

  anchor 13:11 22 Mar 2011

From April 28th, BT charges are going up.

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  Dragon_Heart 23:23 22 Mar 2011

One provider puts up their price then all the others follow.

Anyone know were I can get an 8 mile ball of string to go with my 2 empty tomato tins ?

  anchor 10:51 23 Mar 2011

I can understand why quite a number of people are giving up their land line, and using a mobile instead.

Unless you want a permanent internet connection it will be much cheaper. For little more than the cost of the BT monthly rental price, you get nearly an hour of free calls, and lots of texts, every month.

  Condom 01:55 24 Mar 2011

Well this was announced on the day I fianlly switched from BT to TalkTalk for my land line. I did it purely to reduce the number of DD's I was paying. I now have everything under the one roof so to speak and it is cheaper as well, at least for the moment.

BT reminds me so much of Royal Mail and their stamp charges. Both are now pretty archaic and their never ending increases for fewer and fewer customers can surely only lead to eventual cessation of their operations. I have paid BT for 25 years for a line which my builder installed and to which they have done nothing to since. My internet speed is slightly better than dial up, but not much, and they have no plans in the near future to get me anything usable but please pay more for what you have at the present time. One day soon a cheap alternative to the requirement for a land line will arrive and then they can kiss their whole empire bye bye.

  finerty 12:35 24 Mar 2011

looks like i might b moving over to talk talk, when i add my broadband with bt phone it works out more

  proudfoot 13:41 24 Mar 2011

For quite some time I have thought if mobile operators were to reduce their call charges to those approaching BTs they could make a killing regarding voice calls.
Internet would probably be a different matter.
My wife and I being retired can share our mobile and rarely make landline calls because we have a good call package. The only use our landline gets is for the abysmal internet speed and incoming calls.

  xania 13:59 24 Mar 2011

And there's another rip off on the way. Having an Unlimited free calls package I am now being charged to call my doctor. Not content wit 0845, or a simplt 020 number, they've gone to 0844!

  anchor 14:12 24 Mar 2011

Is there no limit to the greed of some GP`s?. Their salaries are at record level, and still they want more revenue.

About 3 years ago my previous GP retired and the new one changed to a 0844 number. As it happened I did not like the new doctor, and changed to another doctor who still uses a normal number. I can even make appointments "on-line".

Like you xania, I have an unlimited BT free calls package, which excludes 0844 and 0871 numbers.

  CurlyWhirly 21:00 25 Mar 2011

I left BT last November because of the numerous price hikes in line rental and phone charges.

They are still at it I see.

I'm now with O2 and they have also put up their broadband and phone by a few quid but even with the increased charges, it's still a lot cheaper than I was paying with BT !

Having said this, if O2 put the charges up again in a short period of time then I would have to look at other providers.

p.s. I've been with O2 broadband for a few years now and only moved the phone side of things to O2 in November 2010.

I don't think that O2 are as bad as BT as on the broadband side of things, this is the first increase for over 2 years and is less than £2.

  birdface 21:56 25 Mar 2011

No use going with Virgin Media either as their prices go up at the start of April.

  rdave13 22:31 25 Mar 2011

I'm sticking with BT's line rental so can change ISPs when needed, and needed at some time I'm sure. Om my third ISP and so far supply is adequate.

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