BT Broadband - Watch the bills

  dewskit 13:44 13 Dec 2006

Received my BT Telephone Account this morning and almost passed out when I saw the total - over £240!!

I had taken up the offer to change up to 8mb service in September, but at no time was it mentioned that the Broadband charges would in future be lumped together with the telephone bill, not only that, but they have continued to collect the £29.99 Direct Debit from my bank account each month since!
Anyone who just files their bills beware!

I have been ready to throw the telephone across the room twice already this morning. First time I tried to contact them; after going through the usual multi menu performance I was cut off after 20 minutes waiting to the nice lady assuring me my call will be answered. Tried again, after another long wait got onto billing, who then said it was BT Broadband I needed to speak to, and they transferred me. After going through the story again, was told I needed billing! Was again transferred. After going through the full story yet again was eventually given a reference number to call back later in the day 'As our computer is down, and I cannot access your details!'


  HondaMan 13:47 13 Dec 2006

Go to their website,, its cheaper than a long 'phone call.

  dewskit 13:50 13 Dec 2006

Hondaman - thanks, but it was an 0800 number, so no charge.
Really posted to make others aware they may be in the same predicament.

  BJN 17:53 13 Dec 2006

well I left BT broadband after a number of trouble free years when they started to talk £275 per month from my account.After the third time and many hours trying to sort it out I requested a MAC code and joined Nildram.

BT would take the money but only refund it after they had cleared it through their accounts and then that was anything up to 7 days, then it would take at least another 5 days to clear back to my account. Lucky I had the money in the account to cover their error.

They could never explain why this was happening and where very unhelpful in speeding the return of "MY MONEY" I even had a BT senior manager watching my account to make sure it never happened again, when it did I moved.

Good luck dewskit my account was never like yours lumped with my telephone bill but was for broadband 2mb service.

So be warned if BT screw up on your account you will have trouble.


i took up bt's sham of an offer, which was missold, and was told £30 a month, first bill was £269 before it was even connected, they only take out what you agreed to pay per month, i think they display it in this way to scare you from cancelling the contract when you relealise what service you actually get! they know take £75 a month from me, i dont know what for in 6 months a havnt recieved a bill, oh and i get a sepperate bill for bt bb talk which works avery now and again, they havnt responded to my 3 recorded delivery complaints, i work with the fsa so i know it was missold, the very best of luck

  woofwoofbark 10:00 14 Dec 2006

I regraded from BT Broadband 2mb to the new Total Broadband upto8mb package in july and got a bill for £205:66 (was really £245:66 , i had made £40 payment through the BT payment card) I acctually switched on July 12th and when bill arrived in October I had to pay for the previous 3 months July to September PLUS the next 3 months in advance October to December , that was 6 Months Broadband in the one go. Wasnt surprised though because I read the small print when I signed that paying for broadband was switched from direct debit to paying through the phone bill.

But even though they charged me from July 12th on the bill they also took my July payment for the old BT Broadband 2mb £30 from my bank account ( I had been paying on the 16th of each month direct debit) , anyway I called bt and told them that I had been charged twice for the month of july and they eventually sent me a cheque so Im happy with that.

  terryf 16:44 14 Dec 2006

Move to Eclipse

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