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  Chris-347369 12:38 22 Mar 2007

On Monday our broadband connection became non existent. I called BT Broadband’s technical help department in India who explained that there was a fault with the line and to keep my router switched off for 48 hours while they fix the problem.

48 hours later BT phone back and say that the fault at the exchange had been sorted and that the broadband connection should be back up and running. It wasn’t. At this point the technical support guy said the problem must be the internal wiring in our house and we needed to phone another department to get the problem fixed. He then hung up.

Everything I have tried points to a line fault somewhere between our house and the exchange. I have changed the ADSL cables, used two different routers, changed the micro filters and connected the router to the main phone socket (without the face plate). There is not much wiring I can cut out other that hot wiring my router into the BT box at the end of our road.

Thinking it was too much of a coincidence for there to be a problem at the exchange and the internal wiring in our house to fail on the same night I called back to register a complaint. I called customer services, who passed me to the broadband department, who passed me back to technical support who passed me to their manager who said if I wanted to complain I had to fill out a form on their website…. Not what a customer wants to hear when their connection is not working!

So I tried again with their technical support department who suggested I plug my ADSL cable directly into the main phone socket without a filter. After informing them this was impossible (different type of connection!!!!) they passed me to their line faults department who told me to try a few things and if they did not work to get back to them. I tried some things and then called back only to be told they had no record of any conversation with me and since my case had not been escalated to them they could not talk to me. Goodbye.

On my final attempt I called up the broadband department and informed then that I wished for them to stop billing me immediately for a service they were not providing. I found myself again transferred to the technical help department but this time to someone who did not appear to be reading from a script. He said there was a definitely a line fault and allocated me a case number. He told me he was going to talk to BT Wholesale, arranged times if they needed to call me or send an engineer and I should wait 4 days. In all I was on the phone last night for 4.5 hours.

Any advice? I still feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall with BT. No one person wants to take ownership of an issue and their favourite game seems to be to pass a caller to as many departments as possible. I will give them this four days that they have asked for but after the problems of last night what little faith I have in their service has disappeared. It’s a complete joke.

Incidentally we’re still being charged for a service they are not currently delivering.

  robbiepaul79 14:47 22 Mar 2007

Sounds like a farmiliar tale friend im sorry to say ive been through all this yet i have to admit you seem to be having more problems than i did, good news is though if it does turn out to be a BT engineering problem you can get refunded for all calls and the downtime you have had at least in my case i was offered this.

  PalaeoBill 15:18 22 Mar 2007

You shouldn't have to wait 4 days.
If your fault has been properly logged you can check the progress of your repair on-line.
If not, call BT again and ask to speak to a 'Product Specialist'.

robbiepaul79 is spot on, you can claim a refund for all your calls and your downtime and BT are usually pretty good at paying up.

I have been there too. I lost both my broadband and ISDN backup lines simultaneously only minutes after a BT van pulled up outside my house. I could see the engineer, standing in a hole in the road, from my study window. I knew that it was down to him and tried to get BT to call him before he left. He was still there an hour later. It took BT two days to fix it and they still denied it was anything to do with him.

  maytrees 19:29 01 Apr 2007

Greetings pyroxide

I have had the same problem as you describe for weeks. Today Sunday after threatening to switch
to NTL/virgin cable and complain to OFCOM
connectivity has been restored. BT also telephoned.
It appears thatour .subscription to BT is so
old that the router connection address was outdated
and not recognised at the local exchange.
Their BT caller took me through the way to
alter the router connection address sine when
so far the conncetion has been up and running well.

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