BT Broadband now 2mb - WOW

  Starfox 19:26 13 Mar 2005

Just had my BT Broadband service upgraded from 512kbps to 2mb as part of the free BT improvement package. After having had dial up for many years I thought the 512kbps service was fast but this 2mb is unbelievable compared to my original service so thank you BT.

When I check my connection I get 2272kbps download speed and 308kbps upload speed,is this what I can expect as normal from now on.



  bremner 20:21 13 Mar 2005

It is good news but don't get too carried away with downloads and on line gaming because you have a 30GB a month limit on downloads before ncurring extra cost

  The Spires 21:19 13 Mar 2005

Your upload speed stays the same.

  wjrt 21:50 13 Mar 2005

15gb is the limit as informed by BT

  fred 21:52 13 Mar 2005

As I understand it 512k upgrades to 1M 1M upgrades to 2M as mine has done. Cap ranges from 1G to 30G

  Starfox 23:17 13 Mar 2005

No 512k gone up to 2mb definately.

  Forum Editor 00:27 14 Mar 2005

will be upgraded to 2MB connections, except those on the BT 'Basic' 512k package. They'll go to 1Mb, but that doesn't start until 24th March.

The downstream cap limits vary - from 1Gb a month for the 'Basic' package, through 15Gb for the BT broadband (£24.99) and BT Yahoo £26.99 packages, to 30Gb for the BT Yahoo £29.99 package.

  Al94 09:03 14 Mar 2005

Could someone explain why the upload speed remain the same please?

  TOPCAT® 10:13 14 Mar 2005

Asynchronous DSL is a variant of DSL and SDSL is another. The latter is aimed at business and can give up and download at the same speed.

ADSL normally have a 'standard' upload speed, usually 256Kb, but this can be set lower or higher depending on the ISP's pricing policy and other considerations. Another factor taken into account is the contention ratio. This is between 20:1 and 50:1 depending on how much you pay the provider per month.

Just my reasoning which may not be wholly accurate. TC.

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