bartyboy 13:23 18 Apr 2008

Its a long read, so I thank you first..

I have been on bt broadband option 3 for 6 months now up until I cancelled today.
This is the reason why… When I first joined the polite guy on the other end of the phone said, “do you know that you will not get 8mb due to the distance from the exchange, and you would only get 1.5mb”. I realised my speed would be low and told him so. The last broadband I had was 1mb and always got download speeds of 1mb, and to me 1.5mb was an acceptable alternative for me as that little bit extra speed will help me a lot as I am disabled wheelchair bound and therefore on the net most of the day. Everything was fine, the speed did drop but it was only for a short time but I realised the line had to ‘settle’. I was downloading at 170kb which I suppose is about right for the speed of my line. Then all of a sudden after about 3 months my download speed dropped to 70kb all the time, 100 short of what I was getting. This lasted a couple of days then ok for a day then the problem got to weeks so I complained by e-mail to them. The day after I sent the e-mail everything was back to normal. About a week later the download speed dropped again so yet again another e-mail was sent. This action I had to take several times, and it was for 24/7 not just during peak times which according to what I am told is from 5pm till 9pm. After a few emails someone from the complaints dep. rang me at home. I was told that if I am a heavy user then the speed would drop during peak times but would go back to 1.5 outside peak hours, but when I told him that the slow speed was 24/7 he said he would look into it for me.
I did not hear anything again so I again sent an email, It was several emails laterby now. The complaint was dealt with by the same guy, it was a little hard to hear him (probably India) but he was polite. He rang me back and said he didn’t deal with this slow speed issue and put me through to the technical team. They asked me to do all kinds of tests, I did online speed tests with them all tests were showing 0.5mb for my speed. I think I should mention here that I had done speed tests at various sites when the speed was ok and they all showed 1.5mb Did the quiet line test on my line but there was no noise, switched the home hub off and restarted, all were ok. So the guy said it could be my pc. I was 99% certain there was nothing wrong with my pc, but we still went through deleting files, but no change. How can my pc have anything to do with the speed of my line?!! They said they would look into it. Nothing happened so it was yet again another email. I threatened to cancel all direct debits with them if they did not sort it out or allow me to be released from my contract without having to pay for the remainder as I feel I am not getting the service I was first told. The next day the guy from India rang me back. He told me there may be a cap on my line because of heavy usage, I said I understand that but it should not be 24/7. He then put me through to the FUP team. This lady was English and also very polite. She said there was a restriction on my line due to heavy usage but should only be during peak hours. She then put me on hold while she spoke to her supervisor. After about five minutes she told me that the restriction on my line has been lifted and in around ten minutes everything should be ok. I waited a while, connected then checked my speed online wat a few sites. My speed was back to 1.5mb I tested download speed and my downloading was back to 170kbps back to a decent speed for my area, The FUP team had sorted it out. This was around 3.00pm. Sure enough the speed dropped when I reached peak hours. The following morning I check and yes you guessed, back to 0.5

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  tullie 16:05 18 Apr 2008

Why on earth have you split this into two threads??

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