BT Broadband Lets Me Down

  silvermane 11:13 04 May 2007

I joined BT back in Februaury on Option 3 and couldn't fault BT Total Braodband.
I received my free HomeHub where i can start making free weekend internet calls.
I used to be with Orange formally Wanadoo and Freeserve on dial up so the speeds were impressive.
I wanted to activate my phone and for some reason BT sent me 2 HomeHub telephone numbers and 2 passwords to go with it, thats when the problems started.
I phoned up and advised them of this and they said they would cancel them both and send a new one.
Two weeks later and they still hadn't done it so i didn't know which one to use.
When i phoned again they said they had issued a third!!! By this time i was a bit disappointed and they advised me which one to use and that they would cancel 2 of them. A few days later i was on the internet and all of sudden my HomeHub said i wasn't connected. The HomeHub is unidentified.
Then my BT Landline wasn't working. I phoned BT on my mobile and they said my services had been cancelled! When i asked why they said that someone had gone to cancel 2 of the numbers and cancelled my BT Landline instead!
Now i wasn't happy at all. They also said it would be 5 working days before i would be set up as a new customer with BT and my Broadband would be longer. My phone was up a few days later and then they said something had gone wrong with the broadband and it would be a further 5 days. 5 days went and then i phoned them and they said there was a marker on the line and that they would have to use another line! This would take a further 5 days! It was actually more than a week later when i connected and the HOMEHUB wouldn't work! With BT treating me as if i was a new customer they sent out another HomeHub so i used that and 12 hours later i was connected but for some reason i kept getting disconnected. The page cannot be displayed or the DSL line is down or the HomeHub cannot be identified. I phoned BT IT Advisors which i pay £9.99 for a month on top of the £26.99 a month for BT Total Broadband Option 3 and they said there was a fault on the line. They said i would receive a call within 24-48hrs. I heard nothing. I had been previuosly liasoning with BT Complaints and i phoned them that i hadn't heard anything. They said well the fault has probably been fixed. I wasn't confident so i phoned BT Advisors and they said the fault hadn't even been booked off! Someone in India had reported it to the wrong department and was lying there untouched. 2 weeks later i had a call saying there wasn't a fault!!! So then i noticed my speeds had dropped from 3 MEGS to 0.227 Megabits. My connection now is so much slower than before.
I am really disappointed with BT now as i have been so patient without. The first 7 weeks was so fluent and solid and then from someone cancelling my BT landline i have nothing but trouble and now that i have been put an another line things are so slow now.
I have been offered compensation but to be honest the money means nothing. BT have messed up and when i phone complaints now i can hear in their voice that because they are now arranging compensation its as if im going on but things have'nt changed, i am getting much slower speeds than before.
Yesterday my speeds were,

0.858 3pm
0.227 7.30pm
0.993 11.30pm

Any ideas?

  silvermane 11:54 04 May 2007

Now measuring 0.93

  Dipso 14:37 04 May 2007

click here. log into your Hub if requested and post the results and take this test and post the results click here

  silvermane 21:37 04 May 2007

Date 04/05/07 21:37:02
Speed Down 937.67 Kbps ( 0.9 Mbps )
Speed Up 376.23 Kbps ( 0.4 Mbps )

  mike40 09:37 05 May 2007

I am quiet surprised that this is the fist post I have seen regarding BT Broadband. Having been with the ill fated biscit I signed up for the same packet option 3. Well, like you Silvermane that is when all the trouble started. I spent that long on the helpline I considered going to the local night school to learn another language so that I could understand what they were talking about. After 3 weeks of getting the run around I finally rang OFCOM who were very helpful and gave me the telephone number of BT High level complaints. 0800 671 502. Apparently this number is not available to the the general public. I rang this number and was alocated somebody who dealt with my problem. It took another week but I am now sorted and am quiet pleased with the sevice. Incidentally I know of one other person who has had similar problems with BT and I find it hard to believe that we are the only one's

  silvermane 19:23 05 May 2007

Hello Mike,
I have been liasoning with Complaints for the past month on the number 0800 671 433 and it still hasn't been resolved as yet. Things became more intensified when an IT Advisor said i wasn't even a member for which i am paying £9.99 a month for! regarding my connection speeds.
Apparentley when they cancelled my Broadband subscription & BT Landline in error when they started it all back up again they forgot to add the BT Advisor subscription service back on.
This morning i had to phone them and they kept me on the line for 15 minutes to check if i was a member and never got back to me. So i phoned billing and told them if i am not a member anymore i do not want to be charged for the call as they didn't add me back onto it. It will now take while the end of next week before i can phone IT Advisors regarding my connection speeds. The plot thickens!
If it wasn't for some person in India cancelling my BT Landline instead of the 2 HomHub phone numbers i wouldn't be in this predicament.

  alan9900 21:13 05 May 2007

I'm having trouble too ever since January when i upgraded from 2mb to 8mb with poor speed issue's. I'v been given the run around phone numbers and refference numbers mounting up, two home hubs and another engineer on the way. After making loads of phone calls to BT India,it sometimes gets reported by them as a line fault problem and other times i'm told to reset the router and plug it into the main inner phone socket,all of which makes no difference untill they make some adjustment at BT and then the speed returns to 4.5mb which is the best i can get for three or foue weeks after which it goes back down to 750mbp/s. Thanks for putting that phone number on here i will give it a try, hope you have more success than i have...

  alan9900 21:24 05 May 2007

that should have read 750kbp/s

  mike40 08:54 06 May 2007

Hi Silverman
Sorry I didn't get back yesterday as I was away all day. I think the biggest problem with BT is that it is split into different units. Wholesale to provide broadband, Overeach to maintain the lines and then BT Broadband who we have to deal with. From my experience there seems to be a distinct lack of communication between them all. Also reading Alan9900's post would tend to confirm this. When I signed up I was offered the BT It adviser option for £9.99 per month but I feel I should not have to pay for something that was not of my doing. After hundreds of phone calls it turned out that my previous ISP had but a restriction on my line, something which I feel BT should have checked in the fist place.
I cannot complain about my connection speed as I am only 200mtrs from the exchange so I get almost 8mg. I think the only consolation in all this is that a lot of other providers fare little better and at least all the phone calls I made were free. I would also tend to agree that some of the offshore staff I spoke appeared to have very little knowledge and each time went through a fixed procedure arriving eventually at the same conclusion.

  silvermane 12:58 06 May 2007

Hello everyone, thanks for the replies, it is interesting to see other people like me expereincing these problems.
I nearly forgot an engineer form BT came when they said there was a marker on the old line and he put it on another.
I was also asked at a later date to take the back plate off the line box with a screwdriver. Being a lady i didn't have a clue and didn't have a screwdriver when they said go and ask a friend or neighbour i was abit offended. I said i didn't do DIY and to phone back later.
Anyway eventually i did unscrew it with a knife! and it was pretty easy. They needed to do some line testing when Sky was unplugged in too.
I think its appalling when BT asked you to mess about with the back plate. I am a customer and they are selling me a product. I doubt if i went into Ford with a problem with a car and they asked me to do it for them!!!

  Dipso 14:17 06 May 2007

Unfortunately anything forward of the backplate is your responsibilty. Many braodband connection problems are related to dodgy extension wiring connected to the removeable faceplate.

They will come and look at it for you but for a premium fee. Although getting you to do the checks seemed a bit out of order, it probably saved you a few bob.

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