BT Broadband - Grrrrrrr!!

  Diver14 10:56 28 Nov 2006

A word of caution. I have recently been having connection problems with my BT broadband – the ADSL light on the Router kept going out and struggling to re-connect. I have also had noise on the phone line which has been getting worse lately – around about the time the broadband problem started (a clue you’d have thought!)
I phoned BT broadband technical helpline and over the next week or so battled with some very unhelpful people at an Indian call centre whilst they line checked etc etc. The end result was that BT decided it was my fault – I must have a internal wiring problem or fault on the Router.

I checked all my wiring (I’m an engineer) and couldn’t find any problems and was just about to go out and buy a new Router when I thought no – I’m sure the symptoms are indicating a line fault. I phoned BT line faults department and they tested the line. Hey presto – “you’ve got a definite fault on your line Sir”.

I now have zero faith in BT broadband – this is the second time they have nearly cost me money – when I initially signed up to BT broadband years ago it took them 3 months!! to get me up and running. All along then kept blaming my equipment and it turned out to be a fault in the exchange!

If BT say it’s your fault don’t assume they are correct.

  dth 12:47 28 Nov 2006

thanks for the tip

i just wish a company the size of british?? telecom would take a minute to work out some, any sort of customer support, its the worse service i've ever known, the best advise i was given: cut your loses thrown it in the bin and start again, dont even contact you when you stop the direct debit, there own engineer had to borrow a 10p connection box from a colleague because he had used up his monthly quoter! another great british company gone to the wind in the name of a quick buck!

  Dipso 16:04 28 Nov 2006

"this is the second time they have nearly cost me money"

Why not leave them now before they do cost you money ;)

  Diver14 17:01 28 Nov 2006

I intend to - I'm just waiting for Sky to update our local exchange then I'm off. (Out of the frying pan into the fire!!!).

  dth 17:11 28 Nov 2006

into the VERY hot fire

  spuds 17:12 28 Nov 2006

The next time you see a BT engineer about, ask them how you can do your own line fault check. Very simple, but best to get this information from a telephone engineer.

  Diver14 20:29 28 Nov 2006

Thanks Spuds - I'll do just that.

  steven_frost 22:15 28 Nov 2006

I'm now having problems with my broadband line with bt after having an online chat with one of their eng i was asked to phone in which i did, got told fault on the line and also thier could be a fault with my hub which is hub number 4 to go wrong within the space of 4 months

  Diver14 09:07 29 Nov 2006

The BT engineer has been and fixed the external line problem and my broadband is now working fine. I've phoned the broadband technical desk and said "thanks for nothing". They are going modify their proceedures!! Yeah right.

  sceptic2020 17:23 30 Nov 2006

What do you think of the BT Vision launch? I am not sure if I should be excited or cautious because I have been a BT customer for over 7 years and often I have experienced problems with their broadband, telephone and customer service. Therefore I am sceptic whether they will be able to pull this off… Don’t get me wrong, this new service bears some attractive bits excl. potential prices…but will this really work…

Sceptical as usual…but do I have a point???

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