BT broadband - free web space?

  anchor 15:16 08 Feb 2011

I had a call form BT today promoting the winter Broadband & anytime calls package; (£16/month).

On looking at the BT site I see no mention of free web space, only the "BT Digital Vault". On the face of it this seems a bit different to free web space, which I have from from my existing ISP.

I use this free space for my site, which includes my moving panorama pictures.

Has anyone experience of Digital Vault, and can it be used to host my web pages; or is it simply on-line storage for files, etc?.

  anchor 13:49 09 Feb 2011

Has anyone information about this?.

The more I read about Digital Vault the less it seems suitable for a hosting a web site; (unlike that available from my present ISP).

If you use BT broadband perhaps you can confirm or deny.

  wiz-king 16:02 09 Feb 2011

I dont think BT do free web hosting.

  anchor 09:48 10 Feb 2011

wiz-king; I suspect you are correct. There is no specific mention of it on their site.

Some years ago BT used to give free web space, but it seems not now.

  anchor 09:14 12 Feb 2011

I am rather surprised that no one on BT broadband has a definitive answer.

I will have to go with my assumption that the answer is no.

  MAJ 13:02 12 Feb 2011

I don't use BT but I was under the impression that BT didn't do free webspace anymore, but I could be wrong according to click here The Vault, as far as I know, is just online storage.

  Jollyjohn 13:45 12 Feb 2011

No BT dont do free webspace for hosting a website. I didnt find another isp that does when I recently decided to change isp. I now use 123-reg to host my site - about £15 for the year.
I moved because I wanted to move my phone line from BT after the last round of price hikes and now have a cheaper overall package with plusnet - including paying for separate hosting.

  anchor 14:13 12 Feb 2011

Thanks for your replies.

Madasafish do allow 100mb of free web space. There may be other ISP`s also.

click here

I did not know that 123 did such a low price.

  Jollyjohn 15:23 12 Feb 2011

I moved from Madasafish because their basic package only had a 5gb per month allowance - plusnet - who are in fact part of the same company - allow 10gb per month for about £6 a month less - but no free webspace!

  Bapou 18:52 12 Feb 2011

I moved to BT's £16 a month all in service but was not offered any free space.
A search revealed the following which looks to be for business users only
"All BT Web hosting and Business Broadband customers have 50MB of free web space available to them." click here

Digital Vault is an online storage feature available:
click here

  anchor 08:53 13 Feb 2011

Thank you all for your replies.

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