BT Broadband & BT Vision

  OTT_Buzzard 11:14 13 Nov 2009

We're movng house soon so i'm taking the opportunity to look at new ISP's.

My other half has been talking about getting BT Vision. Has anyone ever used this service? If so I'd appreciate any feedback on how useful it is (to you) and how cost effective it is. I'm especially interested in hearing about how it is affected by your internet connection speed - the new property is unlikely to get anything much above 2mb. Also, are stremed programmes deducted from your monthly download allowance (I would hope they're not, but need to check!)

On a similar note, if anyone has a recommendation for an ISP that offers 30GB+ per month and good call packages I'd happy to hear about it.

I'm with PlusNet at the moment and have been for some time. Personally I quite like them, but am always willing to change :)

  peugeot man 14:10 13 Nov 2009

I had BT Vision for a couple of years and was happy eith it. BT Vision downlods do not count towards your download limit.

To be honest the only reason I changed to Sky was financial, I recall that my monthly costs are about £20 a month less than I was paying BT.

I transferred everything to Sky including line rental, it was quick and painless with no service interruption.

BUT my loyalty is to the supplier with the best deals so Virgin media are on my list to investigate once my Sky contract expires in january.

  sharpamat 19:12 15 Nov 2009

I Have both but if your download speed is 2mg max forget Vision it wont work I only use mine for recording. BT are hot on limits even on option 3 Ive often had mine capped.Fair use policy dispite paying for unlimited Cheak your max speed at your new address before you choose. Mine should be 10 but the lines only support 6 and Im lucky to get 3.5

If you have cable where your moveing look at Virgin 50 meg with phone and tv

  OTT_Buzzard 20:23 15 Nov 2009

peugeot man / sharpamat

Thanks for the responses.

I've decided to stay with PlusNet. I called them and they've reduced my package cost down by a few pounds a month. The cost of BT Vision just didn't seem economic. I think we'd get far better value for money from Sky or Sky HD, although in reality I don't think we'll get that either!

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