BT Broadband broken contract?

  square eyes 19:07 19 Jan 2004


I have been with BT BB for about 3 months now.
There were some irritating messups in the beggining but i got the service and has been fine. I was with Freeserve 56k and wanted to stay with them as i found them pretty much faultless. I went with BT because they were able to activate the service quicker as they are responsible for the availablility checker.

To the point...
On Thursday my service went down, phoned up to find out it had been cancelled in error but no one could tell me how this mistake took place.

They told me that they would phone me either Sat eve or Mon, i had to phone them this evening to push for answers.
I would like to go back to freeserve as i don't want this to happen again and get the impression that BT aren't as competant as other ISP's.
They have told me today that i am still held to my contract and i will have to wait another 7 days for reactivation.
My question is.. havent't they broken their contract with me?
Shouldn't i be able to leave them with no contracted monthly payments?

I'm agitated by this as they gave me the impression a few days ago that i could simply disscontinue and go with someone else. This seems to typical of big organizations these days with missleading and contradictory information.

Any help please??!!

  accord 19:58 19 Jan 2004

speak to a supervisor and explain the situation. if you dont get any satisafctory answers, obtain the name of the UK Operations Director and tell the supervisor you will write him a nice letter.

I did this last night to a company (not BT) and its amazing what response you get and what can be done.

  square eyes 22:11 19 Jan 2004


  Forum Editor 22:33 19 Jan 2004

in both big and small organisations, and we all have to understand and accept that fact.

What wew do not have to understand and accept though is how, in one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced telecommunications companies it takes 7 days to reactivate an ADSL service - because it doesn't. The job could be done in ten minutes, in fact it could be done in two minutes. I know, because I've seen it done myself.

It's true that under the terms of your contract with BT you can't simply toddle off to another ISP at will, but there's a limit to everyone's patience.

A short while ago I contacted the BT broadband Public relatiopns person via the press office. I needed an answer from BT about why they make it so difficult for new customers to discover that they're not getting any email service when they sign up for broadband. I was promised that a senior BT person would call me back to talk about it. That was five days ago - I'm still waiting.

Your service could be turned back on immediately, after all it was BT's fault that it was turned off in the first place. The fact that you have to wait 7 days is an absolute disgrace, and BT don't deserve your custom. In your position I would be on the phone to them in the morning, and I would be making the most almighty fuss imagineable.

  spuds 22:35 19 Jan 2004

For further advice, if you do not get suitable answers from BT-- contact:Oftel [email protected] [phone low cost]0845 714 5000 [phone normal rate]020 7634 8888 [fax]020 7634 8845 [website]click here [address]50 Ludgate Hill,London,EC4M 7JJ

  spuds 22:43 19 Jan 2004

Just rechecked and found that I have given wrong information.Change of name and other contacts. Try ofcom click here for further details and help.

  spuds 22:48 19 Jan 2004

Try Ofcom click here or use the Oftel website link and re-direct via link on that site.

  square eyes 01:31 20 Jan 2004

Thankyou everyone, nice support, leaving this open

  deadneat 10:33 20 Jan 2004

I think some ISPs allow you to migrate & even pay the costs

  Al94 16:03 20 Jan 2004

click here

I have been using them for nearly a year, brilliant!

  square eyes 23:28 20 Jan 2004

I wasn't able to call them today but they did leave me a message to say that a person from complaints department should call me before Monday and if they dont then i should call a certain number, a deadline they have set some ten days after i reported it.
Im lucky enough to have my 56k modem still in the tower so can at least have a connection. I will sit it out and see what their next move is before i contact Oftel.
The thing i'm interested in is if a contract is drawn then they are also commiting themselves to a professional service. They have broken this contract, ADSL (i assume) is no longer connected to my line and Freeserve are happy to go ahead with their months no risk trial, maybe i'll do this. I copied this from their terms&conditions, surely this agreement has been overlooked.
Should they let me go now?

34. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the service will never be faulty. However, if you suffer a continuous total loss of the service at any time after we have provided it, we promise to put things right by midnight on the second weekday (excluding public and bank holidays) after you have reported the fault to us.

Keep u posted

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