BT Broadband

  Wirral Bagpuss 23:03 01 Apr 2003

I had a cheerful lady from BT on the phone tonight giving the joyous news that my area will be broadband enabled from June 2003. Anyone know or had experiences of BT Broadband, and whether they are worth signing up for?.

  Forum Editor 23:09 01 Apr 2003

since it was first launched, and have nothing but praise for it.

There were a few glitches in the early days, and once I got hot under the collar when they made a mess of my billing. The service has otherwise been 100% reliable. It hasn't missed a beat, and I don't know how I could work without it now.

  Terrahawk 23:24 01 Apr 2003

have used bt broadband for 8 months with no problems

  hoverman 10:29 02 Apr 2003

Been using BT Broadband for nearly a year now - definitely worth signing up for.

  Stalker 12:27 02 Apr 2003

Nothing but praise, i use BT Broadband in my shop as a way of downloading drivers and finding product information out etc etc.

Never Had any down time, only had a problem with their email a few months ago but that was sorted pretty quickly, never had to call them because of a problem


  simonp1 16:56 02 Apr 2003

click here will give you all the options on who are good. Nildram and Pipex seem very good.

  steven_frost 22:03 02 Apr 2003

i've had it a few weeks now had a few problems with win98 like it but i've just upgraded to XP pro runs like a dream it runs on here 24/7 with no down time connection is always good even a peak times

  Wirral Bagpuss 22:31 02 Apr 2003

Thanks for all your replies, i will definetly sign up for it now, especially with BT having the special offer on at present. I'm already looking forward to June 2003! :)

  Bertie B 20:59 03 Apr 2003

I've been using BT Broadband - the £27 pm version, as opposed to the BT Openworld version. The service has not gone down once - extremely reliable. One warning - if you use want to use POP3 email with a BT email address then you have to pay £1.50 per mth for the pleasure - so I woulld not draw much distinction between the BT BBand at £27 + £1.50 pm and the all singing & dancing BT Openworld BBand @ £30 pm. Just a thought - if you are a SKY TV subscriber then get BT BBand via Sky - it will save you on the cost of the modem etc..

  flick 23:36 03 Apr 2003

Like FE I have had BT broadband (home user USB)since its inception. I have not had a single cause for complaint. My husband had the business version installed about 9 months ago for his office and except for a slight misunderstanding initially over appointment times has also had no problems at all.

Despite living in central London we have no cable alternative and even if we did I wouldn't switch solely for the broadband.

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