BT Broadband

  steven_frost 19:45 03 Dec 2006

I'm coming to a point were i want to throw my hub and BT out for over a week i've had a problem were my hub would loss the broadband connection after spending 20 mins on the phone to their so called helpline they said it was a fault with the Hub so they set a replacement which i replaced and swapped the filters over to resolve any problems but the problem still carried on so back on the phone to their helpline to which i had to unplug my hub and leave it so they could run a fault check and guess what a fault was found.

To cut a long story short BT phoned today and said the problem had been fixed but it seems like a new problem has been created the hub which is brand new keeps resetting itself so another phone call and been told another new hub is needed now this is hub number five in 4 months what i need to know is were can i take this as i am getting sick of having problems with them, also my girlfriend said by the timewere finnished will be over run with hubs

  steven_frost 08:38 04 Dec 2006

Itget's better today the problem has returned the line drops everytime it rings the broadband drops and trying to make a complaint is like trying to talk to god

of you look at the bt threads nonone seems to get anywhere, i suggest you contact the governing body details on phone bill, bt will just give you the runaround

  steven_frost 11:02 05 Dec 2006

BT are trying to do that but it seems like that they have passed this to their line faults dept which must me their is somethig wrong on my line i have given them the option to fix it or i will be taking this further

  steven_frost 19:43 05 Dec 2006

For an update an eng is coming out in the morning too look at the wiring in the house since their is only one socket in the house should take all of five mins

  Alf58 23:35 05 Dec 2006

I'll be interested to find out how you get on.I got Bt Yahoo "Up to 8mbs" and get a speed of around 6mbs. My router always drops the connection between 10.30 and 12.30 at night. It then reconnects at around 2mbs. This happened when I connected the router to the test socket. So, its either the BT line or my router. Only way to check is to borrow another router which i cant do.

  steven_frost 09:40 06 Dec 2006

Alf58 i have few spare home hubs here

  steven_frost 16:10 06 Dec 2006

Welli have had soe one out today and guess what a fault was found the was voltage on the line which was causing the line to drop but no test would have shown this up as a fault so you have to keep on at BT to look into this problem

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