BT BB v Telewest BB ? Any views ?

  Minkey1 22:47 08 Feb 2006

Hi folks

Got BT Yahoo BB 2 meg where we are now. Top price but I'm OK with that. Service has been fine.

If all goes to plan we are moving to a new house. Post code check shows due to distance from exchange, BT may be able to offer only 1 meg. However, the house is on a Telewest cabled street, tho' not itself connected.

Looking at Telewest, their standard offering now seems to be 4 meg, with upgrades to 10 meg being rolled out.

My question is, those of you with Telewest, how do you rate them for service in installation/setting up, reliability, any downtime etc ? I'm not so bothered about TV/phone add ons, and it seems if you want the 10 meg it has to be bought on it's own, with or without the TV/phone.

Any views would be appreciated. I don't want to go back down to 1 meg but at least I'm used to BT (for good & bad !)



  jimv7 23:04 08 Feb 2006

Telewst, brilliant, cannot answer for bt.

  Devil Fish 23:20 08 Feb 2006

i switched from bt to telewest about 2 years ago the best move i have ever made had no problems with them what so ever

  mac donald 23:47 08 Feb 2006

being with telewest, 4 years now on 10 meg its great

  [email protected] 00:12 09 Feb 2006

I've been with Telewest for 3 years now and they have been superb. I don't hesitate for a moment to recommend them to people who live in an area serviced by Telewest.

In the 3 years I've been with them, there has been very little downtime and the few times I have had to contact technical support, I found them great. If the problem cannot be solved over phone, they send an engineer over the next day usually. The speed upgrades are quite common - I've been upgraded 3 times since I signed up to the 512kbps service, now on 4 meg. Unlike a lot of other ISPs, the upgrades are automatic too.

I just hope they do not go downhill after the NTL takeover several months ago althought so far, so good.

  helmetshine 00:49 09 Feb 2006

I've been with Telewest for about 4 years now and have had very few problems......and they were sorted very quickly as well. I would certainly recommend them.

  ayrmail 06:52 09 Feb 2006

I moved from a Telewest area and now have BT and although had some problems with BT to begin with it works fine now but I would change back in a flash to Telewest if it was available. I would have been enjoying my 3rd free upgrade in as many years had I still been with them.

  Newuser2 11:53 09 Feb 2006

I've been with TW for quite a few years, no real probs. to report, save for the installation crew, they were in the words of the supervisor who had to come and put their work right a couple of idiots, his words not mine.

  Minkey1 12:01 09 Feb 2006


Funny you should mention that - the house vendor did apply for service, but the installation was such a shambles he c'd it, hence no connection at the specific property.

Thanks to all who replied. Generally it looks like a no brainer, sub to my being on hand when they turn up.

I'll mark resolved but will post back with my experience of installation and use, assuming the house purchase completes !

Cheers all


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